Goskippy Cancel Insurance: How to Set up and Canceal

Today, we’ll be discussing Goskippy Cancel Insurance, a car insurance broker set up to provide insurance at the most competitive prices. They provide products like van, bikes, and cars and offer car insurance for drivers of modified cars. Goskippy goes as far as searching for a panel of insurers to find the best deal to suit their customer’s needs. Goskippy believes that insurance should be easy and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Hence, they strive to make it stress free for their customers.

According to research, almost 400,000 people already trust Goskippy with their car insurance.  In this blog post, we’ll be going into more details about Goskippy cancel insurance, including other relevant information pertaining to Goskippy.

What is Goskippy?

Goskippy is a UK-based insurance broker. Their aim is specifically to provide first-class insurance for clients at the most affordable prices. It is the trading name of Somerset Bridge Insurance Services Limited, which was formerly known as Eldon Insurance. Goskippy was founded by a businessman named Arron Banks. Goskippy supports about a dozen car insurance underwriters. They particularly offer three different levels of insurance, which include fully comprehensive, third-party, fire and theft, and theft alone.

Let’s take a look at what each insurance level does.

  • Fully Comprehensive

This car insurance covers any damage or injury to your car, including every other person traveling in the car. Any claims made by third parties after an accident you caused will also be covered. Comprehensive is the highest level of insurance you can have. It might also include compensation for medical treatment, legal expenses and accidental damage.

  • Third Party, Fire and Theft

This covers liability to other people in the accident, including your car if it’s damaged or stolen. It also offers more protection than the latter, but not as much as the comprehensive.

  • Third Party Only

This covers the basic level of insurance that covers only one’s liability to other parties after an accident. Goskippy company brokers insurance services for some policy providers; they include:

  • Octane: This offers a comprehensive policy.
  • Watford: This policy covers comprehensive, third-party, fire and theft, and third-party-only policies
  • Covea: They offer similar comprehensive and third-party fire and theft policies.
  • ABC Insurance: This is a  trading brand that is part of the Liverpool Victoria (LV) group of companies and offers a simple comprehensive plan and a third-party fire and theft plan.
  • Aviva: Offers similar basic plans along with optional extras for an additional premium.
  • Highway: Highway is also a member of the LV group of companies and offers simple policies for both comprehensive and third-party fire and theft.

Goskippy Main Policies

Goskippy has three main policies which include; Essentials, Standard and Premier. Here are some of their categorization:

  • Injuries to others: Essentials
  • Damage to other people’s property: Essentials
  • Theft: Essentials
  • Fire damage: Essentials and Standard
  • Breakdown cover: Premier
  • Courtesy car provision: Essentials
  • Locks and key covers—essentials

Aside from these policies, there are additional policies like Goskippy Roadside. This is also the same as Standard, but includes breakdown cover. There is also electric vehicle (EV) car insurance.

Goskippy EV Car Insurance

The package for EV car insurance is offered by Goskippy, via Zoom EV. This encompasses almost the same coverage as a standard policy, but additionally, it covers wall box, battery and cable. You will get access to 12 months of benefits counting from your policy start date when you take out a Goskippy EV policy. You can also get discounts on charges. Most of the benefits come from discounts on accessories like home chargers.

What Does Goskippy Car Insurance Cover?

Goskippy’s customers are entitled to the following:

  • Five years of repair guaranteed.
  • Personal accident cover.
  • Goskippy replaces cost for personal belongings, stolen equipment, windscreens, glass, etc.
  • Damage or loss of car.

How to Set Up Your Portal on Goskippy

To set up your portal in Goskippy, there are processes involved.

  • Go to Goskippy website and click the “My Portal” button on the green banner that runs across the top of Goskippy pages.
  • Select “Please click here to register.” This will direct you to the registration page.
  • There, you will be instructed to fill in your email address and password. This password will grant you access to your portal in the future. Note that your password must contain at least 8 characters.
  • A post code will be required from you. This should tally with the code used when you purchased your insurance.

Goskippy Cancel Insurance

After registering as an insurer in Goskippy, you may still want to cancel your insurance. Goskippy has given easy steps on how to go about it. Here are some canceling options:

  • Contact customer service through call. Call 0344 840 6302 between 9am and 7pm.
  • You can also cancel Insurance on Goskippy by filling an online form on their site.
  • Email works too. Use cancellations@goskippy.com or talktous@goskippy.com
  • Your policy number, name and address should be sent to Goskippy.

Customers should note that there may be cancellation fees, and all these depend on when the policy is canceled.

Goskippy Cancel Insurance Policies

  • If cancellation happens within 14 days the policy starts, the fee is £35.00. In this case, broker fees and coverage costs might apply.
  • If you cancel before the policy starts, the cancellation fee is £25.00
  • Goskippy cancel insurance that happens after 14 days of the policy and will have to pay a cancellation fee of £75.00, Broker fees and coverage costs might still apply here.

It is worthy to note that you know your cancellation rights. Being aware of these rights will give no one room to trick you or trample on your rights. Goskippy cancellation insurance right entails that you have the right to cancel your relationship with them, even without reason. This will be valid within 14 days of receiving their policy document, and sometimes from the start date of the policy.

You will be entitled to a refund of the premium paid. This will only work out if you come up with your right to cancel during the initial period of cover or if cover has not started. In a situation where cover has commenced already, your refund will depend on the time you have been covered, and also the cost incurred while issuing the policy.

How Good is Goskippy Car Insurance?

If we must be able to unravel how good Goskippy car insurance is, we certainly have to consider the reviews. According to ratings from expert review sites like Defaqto, Moneyfacts, Fairer Finance, and customer review website, Trustpilot, Goskippy car insurance has received mind-blowing reviews. Let’s check out these ratings.

  • Defaqto: 5 stars.
  • Moneyfacts: 5 stars.
  • Trustpilot: 4.3 stars.
  • Fairer Finance: customer experience: 57% ( 42 out of 55).

This rating says it all, and entails that Goskippy is putting in their best.

Other Optional Extras Goskippy Car Insurance Offers

Goskippy’s extra insurance will amaze you. They offer a variety of optional extras that can be added to your policy. Remember, they are optional, so you can choose not to add them.

  • Key cover: replacement of damaged and lost keys.
  • Windscreen cover: fixing dashed or cracked glass.
  • Misfueling cover: If accidentally, you put the wrong fuel in the tank, Goskippy effortlessly gets you back on the road.
  • Personal accident cover: Goskippy issues about £30,000; this would have to do with an accident following death or injury caused by an accident.
  • Replacing vehicle cover: Replacement of vehicle claims will be made for the customer for 14 days while his claims are processed.

Why You Should Register with Goskippy Car Insurance?

A lot has been said about Goskippy, but we would still love to give you more reasons why you should try out Goskippy car insurance.

  • Having insurance with Goskippy promises to give you the highest level of coverage and for the most competitive prices.
  • They are well experienced at refining insurance to meet customers needs.
  • Goskippy strives to make things easier for their customers, they do this through reviews.
  • Goskippy can be reached by calling 0344 840 6302 or by emailing talk2us@goskippy.com.
  • They can be contacted by post at the following address: GoSkippy Insurance, Lysander House, Catbrain Lane, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS10 7TQ.

Conclusion on Goskippy Cancel Insurance

In this post, I have successfully shared with you what you should know about Goskippy cancel insurance. Checking out Goskippy won’t be a bad idea. They have simple and flexible policies that enable you to cancel your insurance easily and without much stress. However, ensure you acquaint yourself with the cancellation rights and policy before you embark on Goskippy cancel insurance.

Their extra options are also mouth watering. Have you ever imagined having insurance for the slightest thing, even a key? Sounds good, right? This is really an opportunity you should jump into to enjoy the beautiful benefits that come with having Goskippy car insurance. Goskippy has your best interest at heart, so they search a range of market-leading insurers to give you the best deal at affordable prices.

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