How to Cancel NASUWT Membership: A Simplified Guide for NASUWT Membership Cancellation

The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) is the largest teachers’ union in the UK. They provide teachers with a shot at a good life equipped with protection, benefits, support, professional advice, legal support to High Street discounts and free training. The association represents teachers and headteachers in all sectors, from nurseries to colleges.

The NASUWT is focused on improving the status of the teaching profession by making sure that real adjustments are made on teachers’ working lives. Furthermore, they ensure their recognition and reward as highly skilled professionals with good working conditions that enable them to teach with passion. Basically, the Teachers’ Union’s aim is to put teachers first in every sense of good living and honor of profession.

Student teachers and newly qualified teachers are not left out of the membership benefits for being a part of NASUWT. However, the amazing offers of NASUWT has not in any way stopped members from canceling their subscription. This article provides information on how to cancel NASUWT membership, including the benefits of being a NASUWT member. Read on to find out more about NASUWT.

NASUWT Membership Subscription Offers and Benefits

The NASUWT makes its union a source of hope for any teacher who desires to be seen, acknowledged, and well provided for. It makes its members and intending members see a need to be a part of it by making available offers that are too good to pass up.

The NASUWT is well grounded in catering for the needs of its members, regardless of the circumstance or situation. This is seen especially in the case of maternity or shared parental leave. That is to say that the NASUWT is inclusive in its dealings with members.

Here are some of NASUWT’s offers for students and newly qualified teachers:

  • The NASUWT provides free membership to students who work towards attaining the status of a qualified teacher for the full duration of their training.

For recently qualified teachers or students in final year who either join the NASUWT as a full member or convert to student membership:

  • The NASUWT provides free membership to newly qualified teachers for the calendar year in which they qualify.
  • There is also the provision of a free membership for the next calendar year if the subscriber agrees to make future payments by direct debit.
  • The NASUWT slashes the full membership rate by 50% for the subsequent year.
  • For members who are on maternity or shared parental leave, the NASUWT offers discounted subscription fees.

NASUWT Membership Benefits

The NASUWT incorporates partnership with approved partners in various sectors to provide its members quality services and discounts aimed at making their lives better. The NASUWT’s careful planning and strategy gives room for its members to enjoy so much value without having to worry so much about breaking the bank. There is the assurance of being in good hands and the confidence to enjoy rights and benefits made available to them

Take a look at some of the benefits of being a member of the NASUWT:

  • Free membership for the first 6 months.
  • The provision of accredited professional development and training for teachers and members in general.
  • The NASUWT provides seminars for newly qualified teachers and substitute teachers.
  • Availability of Equalities Consultation Conferences.
  • Availability of free and expert personal injury treatments, in and outside of work.
  • Provision of financial services.
  • Provision of car and motor-related services.
  • Discounts on health and wellbeing benefits.
  • Inexpensive offers on home and garden.
  • Discounts on travels.
  • Free insurance.
  • Provision of high discounts and lifestyle-related offers.
  • Provision of the NASUWT Benevolent Fund, to be applied for by eligible members and their dependents.

The NASUWT members are also encouraged to  refer friends to join the union in order to receive rewards in the form of Love2Shop vouchers, which increase as the recruited members increase. These vouchers can be spent at over 20,000 stores, restaurants and attractions across the UK.

What it Entails to be a Member of NASUWT

  • A member of the NASUWT will no less become a part of the collective voice of teachers, which campaigns to protect and improve the pay, working conditions and professional status of teachers.
  • A member of the NASUWT will have access to national advice and support lines, dedicated national centers and a network of regional centers in England, all backed up by free specialist employment law advisors.
  • A member will be engrafted into accredited professional development and training programmes. Newly qualified teachers and substitute teachers will have access to a nationwide timetable of seminars and also be part of Equalities Consultation Conferences, all for free.
  • Members will have access to exclusive member benefits, which include insurance offers, High Street discounts, and legal services that put money back into their pockets.

Concerned about teachers across the globe, The NASUWT has extended its tentacles, seeking ways to support teachers’ trade unions, giving priority to four nations: Burma, Colombia, Iraq and Zimbabwe. The Union in extending its support to these countries, implores teachers in devastating regions and situations to speak up and write petitions for help.

The NASUWT is gradually becoming a name associated with fighting to promote social justice worldwide and supporting education trade unions that defend teachers’ rights. With this fight for teachers’ rights by the NASUWT, its members are rest assured that  NASUWT will stop at nothing to make their lives easy and make their profession noble in every sense.

Cost of NASUWT Membership Subscription

The NASUWT gives assurance of the lack of hidden fees or local levies, promising the best value for money. A full-time teacher is charged £18.36 for a month and £220.36  for a year. Supply/substitute teachers and Part-time teachers are charged based on the average number of work hours and the contracted work hours in any given year. There is no fixed subscription rate for these sets of teachers.

NASUWT makes the effort to inform its members annually of the subscription rates for the following year. They take into consideration the fact that there may be changes in a member’s circumstances that can either bring about an increase or a reduction in subscription rates.

There comes a time when teachers retire or decide to take a career break. The NASUWT made provisions to protect such members who may have the desire to retain their membership. They provided a retirement membership subscription for their retired teachers and a career membership subscription for those who decided to take a career break. This helps to create a win-win situation both for the union and its willing members.

Subscription Rates for Members

Subscription rates differ from level to level. They are tailored specifically for different categories to make sure that nobody is left worse off. This is done by considering the type of work being done and the hours contracted. Another factor being considered is whether the member is a working member or not.

1. Full Time Teacher

  • With Political Fund: £220.36/year. £18.36/month, and £55.09/quarter.
  • Without Political Fund: £219.36/year. £18.28/month, and £54.84/quarter.

2. 1st or 2nd Year

  • With Political Fund: £110.18/year, £9.18/month, and £27.54/quarter.
  • Without Political Fund: £109.68/year, £9.14/month, and £27.42/quarter.

3. Part Time 50% (≤ 60% hours)

  • With Political Fund: £110.18/year, £9.18/month, and £27.54/quarter.
  • Without Political Fund: £109.68/year, £9.14/month, and £27.42/quarter.

4. Part Time 25% (≤ 30% hours)

  • With Political Fund: £55.09/year, £4.59/month, and £13.77/quarter.
  • Without Political Fund: £54.84/year, £4.57/month, and £13.71/quarter.

5. Associate: £22.00/year.

6. Career Break: £22.00

7. Retired:  £22.09

Things NASUWT Wants You to Note about the Subscription Rates

According to the NASUWT website, here are the things you should know about the Subscription rates;

  • Monthly direct debits will usually be taken on the first day of the month or on the next working day.
  • The quarterly direct debit collections happen in January, April, July and October.
  • The annual direct debit collection occurs every January. One payment is charged at £18.40 and eleven payments charged at £18.36.
  • Twelve payments are charged at £18.28.
  • Four payments are charged at £55.09.
  • Four payments are charged  at £54.84.
  • One payment is charged at £9.20 and eleven payments charged at £9.18.
  • Twelve payment is charged at £9.14.
  • One payment is charged  at £27.56 and three payments at £27.54.
  • Four payments are charged  at £27.42.
  • One payment is charged at £4.60 and eleven payments are charged at £4.59.
  • Twelve payments are charged at £4.57.
  • One payment is charged at £13.78 and three payments at £13.77.
  • Four payments is charged at £13.71.
  • This category of membership does not cover you for any teaching

How to Cancel NASUWT Membership

There are several reasons why members of the NASUWT may want to terminate their subscription. The reason may stem from retirement or even a teacher’s unstable job and the fear of not being able to afford the subscription fees.

Whatever the reason for wanting to know how to cancel the NASUWT subscription, going ahead with the decision to cancel is as easy as ABC. All a member has to do is email the NASUWT membership team with a notice of resignation from the union.

Note: Subscriptions are non-refundable.

Conclusion on how to Cancel NASUWT Membership

The NASUWT has proven to be reliable and a force to be reckoned with in the world of unions designed for teachers. Through the offers and benefits it offers to its members, it has proven to be the last hope for teachers and headteachers.

Nobody is left behind in its subscription plans, not even retirees and career break-takers. It has proven to be inclusive and grounded in making sure that nobody is left out.

However, not every retiree would want to have a retirement membership subscription. Not everyone who takes a career break wants to be saddled with the burden of payments. The membership subscriptions are justifiably not free.

Whether you are just curious about NASUWT or not, I hope this article helped in your quest to know how to cancel NASUWT membership.


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