How to Cancel a Santander Credit Card: A Comprehensive Guide

Today, we’ll be discussing how to cancel a Santander Credit Card. A credit card lets you borrow money to pay for goods and services and repay what you owe the card provider at a later date with added interest; this sits as debt until you pay off. Santander is a diversified financial business whose core aim is to help people and businesses across the U.S. They are that kind of bank whose goal is to lead in the finance market and they’ve set out to achieve this by earning the loyalty of customers shareholders, etc.

In Santander Credit Card, you will not pay interest on new purchases if you pay your balance in full or on time each month. Failure to pay your balance in full in the previous month might lead to receiving a further interest charge in the upcoming month, even if you made full payment for the current month. Read on to learn more about a Santander Credit Card, including how to cancel a Santander Credit Card.

What is a Santander Credit Card?

Santander Credit Card is an established credit product that was designed to do justice to short-term borrowing. If you need to borrow large amounts over a long period of time, it is advisable to opt for Santander personal loan. This is because the interest is fixed for as long as the loan lasts. Also, credit cards are not suitable for paying long-term loans like mortgage or personal loan repayments.

Santander bank was founded on October 8, 1902. It was first started as Sovereign bank, which was a savings and loan bank in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, forty-five years before the founding of Sovereign bank, the future parent was Banco Santander, which was founded on May 15, 1857. This was with the approval of Queen Isabel II of Spain. As this bank grew, it started to build a network of branches in the 1920’s. It officially opened in Madrid by 1942.

Santander banks can be found in different places. In Europe, they are present in Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

How to Apply for Santander Credit Card

There are various ways you can apply for a Santander Credit Card, but the quickest way is registering via online. You also have other options, like going to the bank or calling over the phone. Irrespective of the card you choose to register with, the application procedure is almost similar. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Annual income.
  • Social security number.
  • Employment status.

If your credit card gets approved, you can expect it to arrive in the mail within two weeks. It is also pertinent to understand how each card works before you financially commit.

How to Cancel a Santander Credit Card

You can choose to cancel your Santander Credit Card online or via phone. To close your account, you will need to clear the balance on your credit card, then inform the customer representative that you want to cancel it. Chat Mobile is one way to cancel your Santander credit card.

If you do not have a balance, then your account will be closed immediately, but if there is an outstanding balance, your closure request will be made, and you will not be able to use your card again. The balance must be cleared before the account will be closed. Sandi is the chat box which will manage your account closure.

Here’s how to cancel a Santander Credit card:

  • Log into your account.
  • If you want to opt for mobile banking, tap ‘More’ at the bottom right of your phone screen; it will open up a page for you, Select ‘Help and Contact us’
  • For online banking, click ‘Help and contact us’ once you log into your account.
  • Choose ‘Chat with us,’ and request from Sandi to close your credit card account.

Santander Terms of Business

Every business or organization has its own terms and conditions; this also applies to Santander. Below are some of their terms and conditions and how they apply.

  • Santander doesn’t advise you to use their credit card; rather, they give you all the detailed information you need so you can make your decision.
  • It is a confidential banking system where every piece of information is being treated confidentially.
  • After you’ve applied for a credit card or personal loan, a credit search will be conducted on you. This is to ensure that you are not a fraudulent customer.
  • The amount you can withdraw in any month cannot be more than 50%. If it gets changed or adjusted, you will be notified through your email, post and every other place you can possibly get notified.
  • In exceptional cases, you might be allowed to withdraw above the Credit Limit; if this happens, you have to pay an Over Limit Fee.
  • Santander has the right to limit the use of your account and there are reasons for it. When this happens, it might be as a result of suspected use of a card, not sticking to terms and conditions, etc.
  • To end the agreement, you have to write to the customer care department and also pay off any outstanding balance you owe.

Does Santander Refund Money?

You could be eligible for a refund when you make purchases with your card and something goes wrong. This could be when the goods are damaged or faulty or when the wrong amount is charged.

How to Stop a Payment

Your payment can be stopped, so long as you let the Santander customer representative know as soon as possible. You can call them via 0333 207 2229. Always remember that direct debit cannot be stopped except;

  • If you’ve given adequate notice.
  • Payment hasn’t been made from your account.
  • The payee hasn’t been given notice that a payment will be made.

Does Santander Refund when a Customer is Scammed?

Santander has given an approach to fraud prevention. You will be refunded as a result of fraud. However, on the grounds that you didn’t act fraudulently and you’ve also done your best to keep your security details safe,. You are being protected with the following:

  • A fraud detention system which highlights when an unusual activity is noticed. You will be contacted via an automated service.
  • An OTP will be sent to you or you will be asked to use your mobile app to authorize some activities.

When unusual activities are noticed, the quickest way is to call, text or email you. For phone calls, you will be required to give the following details:

  • A confirmation of your name and date of birth.
  • The transaction that should be confirmed will be stated for you, so you re-confirm.
  • If you confirm the transaction, you can apparently go ahead with it.
  • If you deny the transaction, you will be directed to speak with one of Santander’s team members, who will help tackle the matter.

NB: No one will ask you for your OTP or card pin. If this happens, kindly hang up the call and dial 0330 9 123 123 or 0800 313 4321. To be reached out through a message is another fastest way of confirming your transactions. Here, you will only be asked to reply with a ‘Y’ or ‘N’, which represents a ‘Yes’ or No.’ If your reply comes all in Yes, then your account will be updated and you can continue with your mobile banking. If it comes the other way around, being ‘No,’ an arrangement will be made for you.

For customers using the mobile App, you should endeavor to have your push notifications enabled. This helps Santander use the push notifications to alert you immediately when an unusual activity is sensed. You will also be asked to confirm the transaction once you receive the Push notification. A face ID will be required if you confirm the transaction, but if you don’t, a message or call will be forwarded to you immediately.


Santander Credit Card serves as a rescue when you don’t have enough to make payments or transactions. This allows you to borrow and pay at a later date with added interest. The good news is that you won’t pay interest on purchases if you pay in full or pay on time for the previous month. Santander has served as an escape route for its members, especially in times of emergency and when a member is passing through financial crises.

Furthermore, Santander Credit Card helps you borrow, mainly for short term. It doesn’t work for long-term borrowing. How to cancel a Santander Credit Card is one of the easiest things you can learn from this article, especially when you’re not owing and have also paid off every outstanding balance. All you need to do is log into your account and speak with Sandi, the chatbox, who will manage the cancellation of your account.

Every other thing about Santander is not so complex once you follow due procedure, and also read through Santander’s terms and conditions.




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