Whatsapp Television: How to Create Whatsapp Television

Have you wondered how people make money online using WhatsApp? Just viewing their WhatsApp status can earn them a whopping amount of money. WhatsApp television serves as a means of entertainment, advertisement, talent hunt, sales, gist, school updates, scholarship ads, news, and lots more.

As a smartphone user, you would have up to one or two WhatsApp televisions where you could find information that was relevant to you. However, there are top WhatsApp TVs that have the highest views; they include Pot TV, LXG TV, Fresh Update TV, Live Media TV, Recycle TV, Campus Media TV and lots more.

In this article, we’ll understand what WhatsApp television is all about, how to create a WhatsApp television, and how to monetize your WhatsApp television.

What is WhatsApp Television?

It may interest you to know that WhatsApp television started only 4 years ago, has grown so wide across the globe, and can connect buyers to sellers all around. There are several WhatsApp TVs with more than a million subscribers scattered across the world.

WhatsApp TV is not restricted or limited to a particular set of people; anybody can own a WhatsApp television. Furthermore, it’s just like being an influencer; just like on Instagram or Facebook, thousands of people get to view your status and get your products if they’re business-related.

WhatsApp television is a customized WhatsApp account that entertains its status viewers with the latest movies, memes, music, giveaways, games, the latest trends, news, relevant information, and advertisements. It’s basically the normal WhatsApp status you view, but WhatsApp TV deals with a lot of viewers—over a thousand—and might be strictly a niche of content.

Business owners tend to pay you to enable them to advertise their products on your WhatsApp television. As a TV owner, imagine the amount of money you tend to make when 20 business owners pay you to advertise their products for them.

Well, the question is—as a WhatsApp television owner, how do you get more than a thousand contacts to ensure a smooth ride to your destination? It may seem difficult but this article will help you break it down. Just follow through.

How To Create A WhatsApp Television

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If you are eager to learn how you can create your own WhatsApp television, then you are in the right place. It’s not news to you that there’s a feature in WhatsApp called WhatsApp Status where you can post your pictures, videos, voice notes, and write-ups. That’s how WhatsApp television works; you view contents via WhatsApp status. Before creating a WhatsApp television, there are some basic requirements, which are:

An Android or iOS device

Of course, a stable and good Android or iPhone phone is needed before creating your TV. The need for emphasizing a stable phone is that, as a TV owner, people tend to troop in and out of your DM. Inconsistency and inactivity online can discourage your followers and they may begin to find someone else.

A Brand Name For Your WhatsApp TV

This is a key ingredient in your WhatsApp television if you want to achieve success. An attractive brand name will boost your identity online. You can check out Shopify to get an attractive brand name using your suggestion.

Most importantly, always put your brand name, phone number, and brand logo on any content you post so that anyone can easily reach out to you or contact you with your details. People can also refer you to their friends; all they need to do is copy your name and number, then add you up. This way, your TV will grow and build faster.

A logo

You need a logo that is associated with your WhatsApp television. Create a unique logo that, wherever it’s seen, people can easily recognize as yours. Don’t copy other people’s logos. You can create your unique logo using Canva. A logo is also important, as it boosts your visibility.

Photo Or Video Editing App

To create and edit your photos and videos, an editing app is needed. This app will also help you write your brand name on your content. I’ll recommend the Inshot app for video editing and Canva for photo editing.

StepByStep Ways On How To Create A WhatsApp Television

Here are the steps to create a WhatsApp television:

  • Download the WhatsApp business app
  • Install and open your WhatsApp business app
  • Enter your mobile number, and they will ask for and send you a verification code. Enter the code.
  • Input your WhatsApp TV brand name and profile picture. You can use your brand logo as your profile picture.
  • Then press the next button, and that’s all. You have successfully created your WhatsApp TV.

How To Gain Contacts For A WhatsApp Television 

Now that you have successfully created your WhatsApp television, the next item on the list is how you gain more contacts. Because the more contacts, the more views, and the more money you make.

  • Tell your friends; they are your first audience. Seek their help to promote your TV.
  • Create a Facebook ad, advertising your brand and your niche. This way, interested people can send you a message and ensure they save your number while you save theirs.
  • Join several WhatsApp groups where you can advertise yourself and your TV. You can also ask other TVs to advertise your WhatsApp television.
  • Private chat with people from different groups, telling them to save up your contact information in order to promote your TV.
  • Do a referral contest. For instance, you can say, “If you refer 10 people to me, I’ll gift you a two-month subscription.”.
  • Partner with other WhatsApp TVs.

Lastly, be consistent with your content.

How To Monetize Your WhatsApp Television 

The realistic way to monetize your TV is by advertising other people’s products or services (linking buyers to sellers) and charging the sellers for helping them. You can also market your products and business.

Final Words

I believe you now understand what WhatsApp television is, how to create your TV, the requirements needed to run your TV successfully, how to gain contacts, and how to monetize your WhatsApp television.


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