Which iphone has the Best Battery Life?

Determining which iPhone has the best battery is not always simple when it comes to smartphones. Apple frequently uses ambiguous language. Official statistics refer to older gadgets (“iPhone A” has an hour longer battery life than “iPhone B”) or the duration of a certain activity (16 hours of video). It’s a little difficult to understand.

To be fair, it’s difficult to gauge battery life. The lifespan of an iPhone will vary depending on a wide range of circumstances. You will feel things extremely differently than someone who uses their phone nonstop throughout the day if you are not a heavy user.

Over the years, we’ve tested a lot of iPhones, so we have a decent understanding of how they perform when used for conventional purposes, which may include a wide range of activities, including social media, music, video, messaging, and email.

These durable iPhones are worth considering if you’re an Apple fan and want the finest battery possible.

10 Top iPhones With the Longest Battery Life

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Apple dramatically improved some aspects, including battery life, when it launched new models of the iPhone. Numerous elements might affect a phone’s battery life, making it challenging to assess. Metrics like playback of audio and video, standby time before charging, battery capacity and usage duration can still be used to evaluate it.

This section includes a list of the iPhone models with the longest battery life, more details regarding the capacity of the battery, and a synopsis of the features.

Top 1: iPhone 14 Pro Max – 13 Hours and 7 Minutes

Model: iPhone 14 Pro Max
Battery Duration: 13 Hours & 7 Minutes
Price: From $1099

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the iPhone model with the longest battery life. With 95 hours of audio playback on its battery, you can use your phone to listen to music all day. Long movie nights will be facilitated by its ability to broadcast for 25 hours and play videos for 29 hours.

In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro Max boasts a 48MP camera that is excellent for shooting pictures and videos, along with a 6.7-inch 120Hz display with an “Always-On” feature. Additionally, it has Dynamic Island, a brand-new function that allows you to quickly view the activities on your phone.

Top 2: iPhone 13 Pro Max – 12 Hours and 16 Minutes

Model: iPhone 13 Pro Max                                                                                                                                                                            Battery Duration: 12 Hours & 16 Minutes
Price: From $940

Many iOS users applauded the iPhone 13 Pro Max for having a big battery capacity that could last for hours, even before the iPhone 14 was released back in 2022. Even with its longer battery life, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can hold its own against more recent models.

Compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, there isn’t much of a difference in the length of time it can play videos—up to 28 hours. Additionally, this model is excellent for gaming and streaming because of its super retina display, which is resistant to scratches.

Top 3: iPhone 13 Pro – 12 Hours

Model: iPhone 13 Pro
Battery Duration: 12 Hours
Price: From $810

The iPhone 13 Pro, with an average battery life of 12 hours, comes in third position. With its 22-hour video playback and 75-hour audio playback capabilities, this phone allows you to spend the entire day streaming movies and listening to your favorite tunes.

Similar to the iPhone 14, the iPhone 13 Pro has fast-charging capability, allowing a 20W adaptor to charge it to 50% capacity in just 30 minutes. In addition to having a ceramic shield screen, the iPhone 13 is more robust than other phones available.

Top 4: iPhone 14 Plus – 11 Hours and 57 Minutes

Model: iPhone 14 Plus
Battery Duration: 11 Hours & 57 Minutes
Price: From $899

The iPhone 14 Plus and other models are in close competition with each other when it comes to battery life; the difference is only a few minutes. The iPhone 14 Plus is still a potent smartphone, though, with a ton of amazing features hidden within.

An action mode that reduces shake in your films and a pro camera system with focusing are two of the iPhone 14 Plus’s most potent features. In addition, it features the A15 bionic chip, which is still a potent processor by itself.

Top 5: iPhone 11 Pro Max – 11 Hours and 54 Minutes

Model: iPhone 11 Pro Max
Battery Duration: 11 Hours & 54 Minutes
Price: From $475

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a lengthy battery life that may support hours of use even if it was released in 2019. It’s not bad for a model that was released nearly four years ago; it can play audio for eighty hours and videos for twenty.

In addition to having a lengthy battery life, the iPhone 11 Pro Max boasts features like a 6.5-inch super retina display and a triple-camera setup for a clear, vibrant display. With 12 megapixels on each camera, you can capture sharp pictures with this model.

Top 6: iPhone 11 – 11 Hours and 16 Minutes

Model: iPhone 11                                                                                                                                                                                      Duration: 11 Hours & 16 Minutes
Price: From $305

The iPhone 11 is the right choice if you’re looking for an affordable iPhone without compromising on battery life or any of the other incredible features that iPhones are known for. In terms of performance, the iPhone 11 holds its own against more recent models.

To record those moments, this device has a dual-lens back camera. Moreover, the iPhone 11 boasts optical image stabilization for more stable pictures. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors, including purple, red, and yellow.

Top 7: iPhone 12 Pro Max – 10 Hours and 53Minutes

Model: iPhone 12 Pro Max
Battery Duration: 10 Hours & 53 Minutes
Price: From $710

Considering that the Pro Max versions have longer battery lives than the other models, it could come as a surprise to see the iPhone 12 Pro Max ranked lower on this list. The fact that certain older models, including the iPhone 11, have greater battery lives than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, might also surprise you.

However, such does not justify demeaning this model. With a maximum playing time of 20 hours for videos and 80 hours for audio, the iPhone 12 Pro Max remains a fantastic device for watching videos and listening to music. For crystal-clear pictures, it also features a pro camera system with a 12MP primary camera.

Top 8: iPhone 13 – 10 Hours and 33 Minutes

Model: iPhone 13
Battery Duration: 10 Hours & 33 Minutes
Price: From $699

If you want an iPhone with lots of features and a long battery life, you should also take a look at the iPhone 13. Not only is this model less expensive than other recent models,. In addition, it comes in a range of hues, including pink and blue.

The iPhone 13 comes in a variety of colors and memory capacities (512GB, 256GB, and 128GB), so you can anticipate having more capacity and battery life with this model. It also has LTE and 5G capability for even quicker connectivity.

Top 9: iPhone 14 Pro – 10 Hours and 27 Minutes

Model: iPhone 14 Pro
Battery Duration: 10 Hours & 27 Minutes
Price: From $999

The iPhone 14 Pro’s battery life appears to be less than that of prior models, such as the iPhone 12 or 13, however, it is only marginally different. The iPhone 14 also boasts a plethora of features, including an Always-On display mode, a more potent A16 Bionic CPU, and Dynamic Island.

This device is at the lower end of the list because of all of these complex capabilities that may have an impact on its total battery life. However, you may always change some settings, like the Always-On Display mode, to suit your tastes.

Top 10: iPhone 11 Pro – 10 Hours and 24 Minutes

Model: iPhone 11 Pro
Battery Duration: 10 Hours & 24 Minutes
Price: From $365

Last but certainly not least is the iPhone 11 Pro, which still has most of the features that most people want in an iPhone while having a battery life that is not much different from those of models like the iPhone 12, 13, and 14 Pro.

Apple claims that this model was the first to come equipped with three cameras: telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide. The iPhone 11 Pro has a new camera system in addition to Night Mode for taking photos at night.

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