Green Light on Apple Watch

Wearers of Apple Watches may occasionally observe green lights on the device’s back. Even if this is perfectly normal, it might still be helpful to understand their purpose, actions and method of turning them off.

Although it can take some time to get used to all the capabilities, the Apple Watch is still the best wristwatch for iPhone users. One such instance is the application of the green light. Bright green lights flash on the rear of the Apple Watch on a regular basis.

These lights can be rather frightening if you don’t know what they mean. Given that the Apple Watch’s green light is on the back of the device and that the wearer is likely to miss it the majority of the time, the light may seem concerning.

To further contribute to their enigmatic quality, the green lights on the watch occasionally turn on even when it is not being worn. All the same, the lights are only meant to gauge people’s pulse rates. These green LED lights are essentially used by an Apple Watch to measure blood flow, which is then used to estimate heart rate.

The green LED lights on the watch will light up much more when it is taking heart rate readings more frequently.

What is the Apple Watch Green Light?

There is a chance that you will occasionally detect two green lights on the back of your Apple Watch when wearing it. These lights show that your heart rate is now being measured by the heart rate sensor, which is in an active state. The number of calories you burn during the day is also computed using this sensor.

Can You Turn Off the Green Light on the Apple Watch?

If you’d like, you can disable the Apple Watch’s green light. However, I don’t advise doing so in the first place.

First off, your skin is not harmed by the green light.

Secondly, the light is necessary to record your blood flow and heart rate, which you seem to lose if you switch it off.

It’s okay if you switch off the light just because it irritates you. However, keep in mind that if you turn off the light, the Apple Watch won’t be able to measure your blood pressure or heart rate.

How to Turn Off Apple Watch’s Green Lights

Since the green lights are utilized to detect heart rate, there’s really no reason to turn them off. But occasionally, the watch can unintentionally be taking measures.

For instance, if the green lights are on but the watch is not being worn, this can indicate that the workout is still ongoing. The Apple Watch will be trying to check the heart rate more frequently during these periods, which will result in the lights turning on more frequently. All you have to do to get the green lights off is quit working out.

The only way for consumers to completely turn off the heart rate sensor is if they want to completely disable the green LEDs. To accomplish this, just launch the Settings app on your Apple Watch, go to “Privacy,” and then select “Health.” The user can choose to turn off the feature by tapping on “Heart Rate” here.

Once more, this will totally disable the Apple Watch’s ability to take readings; in order to resume taking heart rate readings, the user will need to enable the feature (as well as the green lights).

How to Disable Green Light on Your Apple Watch

I don’t think there’s a real reason you would want to do this unless you don’t want to keep monitoring your blood flow and heart rate. However, here’s how to give the go-ahead:

  • Press the Digital Crown.
  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Swipe up the Settings screen until you find Privacy & Security.
  • Tap Health.
  • Choose Heart Rate.
  • Toggle off the switch next to the Heart Rate option.

How The Green Lights Measure Heart Rate

Since blood absorbs green light, the Apple Watch measures heart rate using green LEDs. Light-sensitive photodiodes are connected to the green LED lights so they can measure the amount of blood flowing through the wearer’s wrist. Increased blood flow from a higher heart rate leads to increased absorption of green light.

The optical heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch can detect a user’s heart rate within the range of 30-210 beats per minute, even though it might not be visible. The green lights on the watch flash hundreds of times per second.

In order to detect heart rate in the background and offer heart rate notifications, the optical heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch is also capable of using infrared light.

On the other hand, the wearer’s pulse rate is monitored by the green LEDs when they exercise and utilize the Breathe app. In addition to heart rate, the Apple Watch can record an ECG, however doing so requires pressing down on the Digital Crown with the finger.

What Are the Red Lights on the Apple Watch?

Users of Apple Watches may occasionally observe red lights on the back of the smartwatch in addition to green LEDs. The blood oxygen monitoring feature is indicated by the red lights, which are similar to the green lights in terms of health tracking features.

Blood oxygen (SpO2) levels can be measured by the Apple Watch Series 6 and later. The bright red lights function similarly to the green lights, determining the wearer’s blood oxygenation level through the use of photodiodes.

Given that measures are computed while sleeping, wearers of an Apple Watch with background readings and blood oxygen enabled may observe the red lights while they’re in bed.

Should this pose an issue, users may disable background measures by launching the Apple Watch Settings app, selecting “Blood Oxygen,” and subsequently disabling “In Sleep Focus” and “In Cinema Mode.” By launching the Blood Oxygen app and following the instructions, Apple Watch owners can manually obtain a blood oxygen reading at any time.


1. What Takes Place If Your Apple Watch’s Heart Rate Sensor Is Disabled?

Your Apple Watch will not track your heart rate or blood flow if you disable the heart rate sensor.

When you turn off the optical heart rate sensor, the green light will automatically go out.

Why you would want to turn off the heart rate sensor in the first place is beyond me. I advise you to leave it on since the information it provides will assist you in figuring out how hard to work out.

2. Why does the green light appear even when my Apple Watch is not on?

The reason your Apple Watch is still functioning after taking it off is that it is still attempting to track your workout. After all of your ongoing training sessions are completed, the green light will disappear.

3. Why Did My Apple Watch’s Green Light Go Out?

Your Series 5, Series 6, SE, Series 7, Series 8, or Ultra’s broken green light could be caused by: you switching off the heart rate sensor and then neglecting to turn it back on. To turn the sensor on, navigate to the settings on your iPhone or watch.

The version of watchOS is outdated. To update the OS to the most recent version, use your iPhone. There’s a fault in your watch’s system, usually brought on by incompatible background programs. To remedy this, force restart the watch.

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