iPhone x is Waterproof or Not: A Complete Guide

Are you arranging a trip to a water park or for snorkeling? The iPhone X is waterproof or not, so know this before you submerge it and come up with a useless gadget.

It isn’t watertight. You’ll need a sturdy waterproof case to use your iPhone X for underwater photography.

“But is there a distinction between waterproof and water-resistant materials? And do I have to purchase a case? Indeed and truly.

The frequency with which an Apple iPhone is water-damaged is demonstrated by this 2018 survey.

A decent cover may shield your iPhone X from the majority of unintentional damage because drops are the primary source of damage that results in cracked displays.

This essay explores the true meaning of the water-resistant function and explains why the iPhone X is not waterproof, despite popular belief.

We’ll also discuss typical user issues, safeguarding your iPhone X, and possible fixes if it becomes wet.

Is the iPhone X Waterproof or Not?

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Although the iPhone X is essentially waterproof, it is technically water-resistant. You may submerge your iPhone X in water up to one meter (approximately three feet) without it becoming damaged.

How To Tell If The iPhone X Is Waterproof Or Not

By examining its IP rating, you may determine whether the iPhone X is waterproof or not.

An IP rating, also known as an Ingress Protection Rating or International Protection Rating, indicates how water- and dust-resistant a gadget is.

Two numbers make up an IP rating: one represents dust resistance, and the other represents water resistance.

The iPhone X has the highest level of dust resistance and the third highest level of water resistance, according to its IP67 rating.

The iPhone X can withstand up to one meter of water and is dust- and water-resistant.

IP67 was the second-highest protection classification that a mobile phone could have until recently. Water resistance is now classified from 1 to 9, with IP69K being the highest protection level for a mobile phone.

iPhone X Protection Plans and Liquid Damage

The iPhone X is water-resistant to a depth of about one meter; however, liquid damage is not covered by your warranty or protection plan.

The iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus are also compatible with this.

Therefore, consider your options carefully before demonstrating this fun party trick to your loved ones!

The Correct Way to Dry A Wet iPhone X

Accidents do occur from time to time. Let’s start by discussing some things you should never do if your iPhone X gets wet.

Avoid using an external heat source, such as a hairdryer, to dry your iPhone X.

Never try to dry out the interior of the lightning connector by inserting a cotton bud, tissue, or any other foreign object.

Do not turn on your iPhone X again if it was turned off during the procedure. If you use your iPhone when it’s wet, the circuits inside the gadget can get damaged.

Wait until your iPhone X is entirely dry before charging it using a wire. It’s safe to charge wirelessly.

Before putting your iPhone X on your compatible wireless charging mat, make sure you wipe it dry, paying specific attention to the rear.

The first step in drying out your iPhone X is to remove all of the cords and accessories.

If it’s just simple water, just use a lens cloth or other gentle, lint-free cloth to wipe it dry.

If it’s a liquid—such as juice or coffee—rinse the area with tap water before drying it off.

Remove Water from the Lightning Connector

To drain the water naturally, simply tap your iPhone X against your palm with the lightning connector facing down.

For at least five hours, place your iPhone X in a dry place with natural ventilation. Recall that you should wait to charge your iPhone X until it is totally dry.

Remove Water from iPhone X’s Speakers

The process is the same as draining water out of the Lightning connector. With the speakers facing down, lightly tap your iPhone X against your palm.

For at least five hours, place your iPhone X in a dry place with natural ventilation.

Make Use of an App

Were you aware that the Apple Watch boasts a feature called Water Lock that uses low-frequency sound to remove water from its speakers?

Regretfully, iPhones do not currently support Water Lock. Alternatively, you can use the same idea to eliminate water with the help of the software Sonic.


Is my iPhone X still waterproof if the rear glass or screen cracks?

In response, the iPhone X was never watertight. It was designed solely to withstand water. The majority of iPhone users experience two sorts of cracks: exterior cracks (which have some jagged edges) and interior cracks (which are visible but cannot be felt).

Both cracks are regarded as physical harm and typical wear on an iPhone X.

Water will seep into an iPhone X that has cracked if you drop it into a body of water.

Some consumers report that even after such instances, their iPhones still work normally. But the reason for this is that the phone’s circuit board hasn’t yet been corroded by the water.

Many people discover that, over a few weeks, their phones become less and less functional.

A chink in the armor is called a crack. A break that unquestionably lessens resistance to water.

What if I have already changed the screen on my iPhone?

If Apple replaces the screen on your iPhone, it will have the same IP67 classification as Apple’s own refurbished phones.

Regretfully, it is impossible to gauge a certain water resistance level both before and after.

Observe Apple’s maintenance guidelines for your iPhone X and keep it away from liquids that could harm it.

Whether the screen on your iPhone was fixed by a third party depends on the reputation and skill of the company. Never forget that no warranty, not even from Apple, will cover liquid damage.

My phone is a reconditioned one. Does it matter?

When you buy an Apple Certified Refurbished product, you’ll get a spick-and-span gadget with original Apple components. Every refurbished iPhone comes with a standard 1-year guarantee in addition to the IP67 grade for splash, water, and dust resistance.

A third-party vendor’s refurbished phone may not have the waterproof rating listed in the product specs. When I ask, they tell me that the water resistance is removed when the phones are opened for repairs before being sold.

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