Why Is Linux So Hard to Use? All You Need to Know

Linux is an operating system that is not as popular as Windows or Mac OS. It is one of the biggest open-source OS (Operating systems). It allows people to adjust the source code, contribute to the project, or make their own copy, as well as create their own version of the operating system. There are hundreds of variants, known as Linux distributions that you can choose from. Its CLI (command line interface) and package manager enable developers to get things done faster and easier.

Why is Linux so hard to use? There are so many reasons people think Linux is so hard to use compared to Windows or MacOS. Thereby avoiding it without trying it. First, it has different installation methods and packages. Another reason is that it has a terminal panic. It has a few troubleshooting problems that require solutions before a user can access the command line. Additionally, it requires the installation of graphic drivers before using it.

If a user is comparing Linux as a server to Windows or Mac OS, it can not be as easy as he or she thinks. Additionally, if you don’t have enough experience in Linux, it might be difficult for you to navigate through. If you are a newbie or a user frustrated or looking for answers about why Linux is so hard to use, at the end of this article, you will find an answer.

Why Is Linux So Hard To Use? Reasons Why Newbies Find It Difficult.

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1. Lack Of Experience

Why is Linux so hard to use? This may be one of the reasons it is hard. If a user does not have adequate experience, the individual might have issues with Linux. They need to have used and experimented with any OS before it becomes easy. Anyone who has used Linux for 8 or more years will not find it hard. Additionally, if the user has little or no knowledge of Linux and tries to do advanced things, he or she will find it hard. Linux might be hard when you want to learn, but it becomes easier once you pass the first obstacle.

2. Installation And Package Management

Why is Linux so hard to use? There are different procedures for installing the Linux software. Either the user installs it from the software center/terminal or installs it manually by downloading it from the official source. Additionally, based on the kind of Linux distribution, the package support fluctuates. Understand that the diversity of Linux distribution has different installation methods and packages. If the user uses the supported installation methods and packages, everything will be simple.

3. Terminal Panic

This is one of the reasons why Linux is so hard to use. With Linux, a user may need to launch the terminal or command prompt frequently, unlike with Windows or Mac OS. Some of the commands a user needs to type for tasks are extracting software not installed through the software center, refreshing the storage list, etc.

Therefore, a user may need to know a few commands to uninstall a package, install a flatpak app, etc., and not necessarily learn complex commands.

Additionally, the user will have instructions from the official site of any app they want to install to avoid getting stuck when they encounter issues like troubleshooting. Hence, this may be overwhelming to users and make them lose interest.

4. Squeezing Peripherals And Units

The problem lies in the proficiency to regulate and tweak hardware devices connected to the computer, not really about the apps available or usability. Linux does not have any official software support from different brands of hardware like Razor, Corsand ASUS, etc.

Hence, Linux becomes off the wish list of users when they know that they can not regulate their RGB (red, green, green, and blue) lighting, fan profiles, and cooling devices as they might have expected. However, users should know that there are tools that can help with things like controlling and monitoring cooling devices, tweaking a Razer peripheral, and configuring a gaming mouse.

5. Installing Graphics Drivers

Linux supports gaming and visualization. Hence, you need to install a graphic driver to make things function. Unlike Windows, where you get the graphic drivers downloaded and installed without issues, Linux’s latest graphic driver version does not always work, especially NVIDIA.

Hence, its installation is not as simple as downloading from an official website. Now listen, if the Linux distribution you chose features a driver manager like Linux Mint, things become easy. Otherwise, you might need to look for an ISO file for the operating system you like with supported graphic drivers. The good news is that installing graphic drivers is not a problem when using a mainstream Linux distribution.

Why Is Linux So Hard To Use? Things You Need To Know

Here are a few things you need to know about Linux. These might be facts about Linux a user has heard people mention and that discourage them.

1. Steep Learning Curve

Linux needs some technical experience, as users will need to utilize Terminus to complete their tasks. Why Is Linux So Hard to Use? Users who use Windows or macOS might find it hard to use Linux. There are many tutorials online that can help a new user get oriented with the operating system, but there are differences between every Linux distribution. Hence, any user who wants to get knowledgeable about Linux quickly should select a common distro.

2. Lack Of Technical Support

Why is Linux hard to use? Linux-run devices lack on-demand support services and users might eventually run into problems that require technical support to fix their systems. Hence, users should do their research and check communities like Reddit, etc. Also, check different YouTube channels that specialize in personal computer repairs.

3. Unavailability  Of Hibernation

Hibernating a PC is quite important, especially if you are always on the go. Unlike Windows and MacOS, which enable users to hibernate their PC, many Linux devices do not have this feature.  Those who dual boot Windows and Linux can switch to Windows so they can hibernate their computer, as it is not convenient to do it directly from the Linux setting.

4. Poor Market Share

The limited market share of Linux is causing many problems for its users, though 47 percent of professional developers prefer using devices that run on Linux. One problem that arises from poor market share is the lack of ported Windows and Mac applications. Additionally, it is hard to buy a computer that is pre-loaded with Linux.

5. Linux Hardware Drivers Are Limited

Why is Linux so hard to use? It has a built-in driver, but this causes problems when it comes to hardware compatibility and comfort. Linux kernel is not compatible with every category of hardware. For instance, certain WiFi cards, printers and speakers can not readily work with a Linux-run computer. However, users need further configuration and tinkering to use certain hardware.

6. Inaccessible Unified Package Manager And Installer

Package Manager is a variation of software and tools that makes it simple to install, configure and extract programs from a computer. Every Linux distro has its own package manager, making it impossible for developers to create and utilize Linux applications that are compatible with every distro. For instance, Linux Debian has DPKG, while Linux Arch has Pacman. This makes it difficult for users to install certain software and applications made for certain Linux distros.

7. Limited Proprietary Software

Why is Linux so hard to use? Users should know that some of the proprietary software available on Windows and Mac PCs, like the Microsoft Office productivity suite etc are not available on their Linux devices. This is due to a lack of Linux users. However, to run proprietary software, those who use Linux will have to use or look for the right third-party programs compatible with their PC to run the program.

8. Vast Variety Of Community Editions

Linux has various community-developed editions commonly known as Distros or distributions, unlike Windows and Mac. This is the main selling point of Linux, as communities and users can tweak their operating system to suit their tastes and purposes. However, this creates a problem for those who are not knowledgeable about the operating system. Additionally, it might take them time to figure out the distro that suits their needs adequately without a standard edition.

Why Is Linux So Hard To Use? Learn how Linux is better than others

1. Freedom To Customize

This is one of the reasons it is better than others. Its various desktop settings have different features and customizations to make the operating system the users’ own. The users get to choose different desktop settings for the same distribution.

2. Open source

It is one of the biggest open-source OS and people can alter the source code, contribute to the project, or make their own copy. Hence, they created their own version of the operating system. Additionally,  have the liberty to select any distro they lose.

3. Linux is Secure

It has security features. Linux attacks are not popular, as many people are contributing to this project. Additionally, developers often fix things in the kernel. Hence, data is safe on Linux, as it will not be sent to anyone or any place.

Final Word

Why is Linux so hard to use? I believe, by now, that the answer to this question is known. It depends on a variety of reasons and situations. Linux has so many features that portray it as hard. Additionally, the level of experience or expertise determines how easy or hard Linux is. Conclusively, the key to learning it is to use it regularly.

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