My Pig Princess Cheats: Top Cheats and Tips for Mastering My Pig Princess Game

My Pig Princess is a popular and addicting online game currently taking the internet by storm. It’s packed with levels, secrets, and challenging puzzles that will keep gamers engaged for hours!

In this article, we will explore some of the best My Pig Princess cheats gamers can use to get ahead and make progress through the game faster. But firstly, let’s get to know what My Pig Princess is all about

What is My Pig Princess Game?

My Pig Princess is a Swedish mobile application adventure game that transports you to a pig-filled world and transforms the landscapes and sights into a visual novel.

It was produced by CyanCapsule and is largely around a princess named Emelie. My Pig Princess game transports you to a universe where you play the role of a human farmer, uncovering various intriguing secrets.

My Pig Princess Cheats

Here are the My Pig Princess Cheats you should try when playing the game

1. Unlock items

One of the most useful cheats allows gamers to unlock items quickly without needing to complete all the levels. All you need to do is press “Shift+Ctrl+L” at the same time and then type “pwntime” in the box that appears. This will allow you to instantly unlock any item or level that is available in My Pig Princess.

2. Free coins

Another great cheat allows you to get free coins quickly and easily. Just press “Shift+Ctr+F” at the same time while playing My Pig Princess, enter “monetize” into the box that appears, and voila! You will be rewarded with 100 coins every time you use this cheat.

3. God mode

For those who want an even bigger advantage against their opponents in My Pig Princess, there is a god mode cheat. To activate it, all you need to do is press “Shift+Ctrl+2” while playing and type “fountainofyouth” into the box that appears. This will grant you unlimited health and energy so that you can defeat even the toughest levels with ease!

3. Skip levels

Finally, if you want to skip ahead without having to complete all of the challenges, this cheat is for you! Press “Shift+Ctrl+1” while playing My Pig Princess and type “skipperland” into the box that appears. This will enable gamers to instantly jump forward up to 20 levels without having to solve any puzzles or master any skills!


My Pig Princess cheats can help gamers save precious time or gain access to things they wouldn’t have been able to achieve otherwise; My Pig Princess isn’t an exception here – these cheats could be just what players need to succeed!

Have you tested out these My Pig Princess cheats? Let us know your favorite cheat for My Pig Princess in the comments.



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