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The Internet has made the world a global village where you can easily connect with different people regardless of their location, whether on land, water, or even air.

Before, you couldn’t access the internet while on the flight but things are different now, as you can do a whole lot even while aboard. There are lots of in-flight internet providers and is one.

In this article, we discuss all there is to know about and the services they offer.

What is
LN_Photoart, Pixabay is an in-flight internet provider that offers passengers high-speed internet access while on the air. The service is offered by some airlines, including JetBlue and British Airways.

It aims to make air transportation fun for passengers and give them access to connect. Flyfi uses a network system that allows passengers to stay connected to the internet without encountering any kind of interruption.

Features of

1. Fast internet speed

Flyfi offers passengers onboard fast-speed internet, allowing them to browse the internet, watch videos online, check emails, and connect with friends and family on social media without any glitches.

2. Global Coverage

Its internet services are not limited to any particular location on the planet, as passengers can enjoy in-flight fast-speed internet in any location on the air.

3. Multiple device connections

Flyfi in-flight wifi can be connected to multiple devices, making it suitable for families and groups to connect and enjoy internet access while traveling together.

4. A cheap internet access fee

The cost of the flyfi service differs depending on the plane and, most importantly, the airline used. It is not that costly for most airlines, and JetBlue and a few other airlines offer the service to all their passengers at no cost at all.

5. Secured internet connection

Flyfi WiFi is safe and secure. When you browse with it, your privacy and security are assured.

6. Free texting

Flyfi service does not end with fast internet services alone; it also includes free texting. You can text your friends and family without any extra cost.

7. Netflix and Amazon streaming

Once you are connected to Flyfi, you can also watch movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime without any extra cost or need for a subscription.

How much does wifi cost?

Pricing for in-flight WiFi varies depending on the number of devices you want to connect and the airline. JetBlue and Delta Line provide the service for free for all their passengers on both local and international travel.

Below are the prices some airlines charge to offer in-flight WiFi per device:

American Airlines: From $10 and above per device

  • Sothwest Airlines: Starting at $8 for a single device and free for VIP passengers.
  • Delta Airlines: Free
  • United Airlines: starting at $10 for local and short international travel. T-Mobile users get access for free, while for long international travel, the price depends on the distance.
  • JetBlue: Free.

Benefits of

  1. It helps you stay connected with friends and family while flying.
  2. You can watch videos, play online games, and do other things on the internet to stay entertained, and it helps get rid of boredom, especially for long-distance flights.
  3. Flyfi can also help you stay updated with work. You can check emails and even work with your laptop or mobile while flying.
  4. It makes air transportation enjoyable and cost-effective, as some airlines offer the service for free to all passengers.

How to connect to or use

  1. When you are onboard and want to use the flyfi service, you need to be sure your airline offers it first. This is so because not all airlines offer fly-fi in-flight service. The likes of British Airways and JetBlue offer it. It is even better if you make findings before you book your flight.
  2. Put your phone in airplane mode and click Connect to WiFi. If your airline offers it for free, it did get connected, but if not, click on Flyfi on your wifi connection. You will be redirected to or simply visit in your device browser.
  3. Select your preferred plan and make payments with your card.
  4. After that, you will be connected and can start browsing the internet immediately.
  5. While WiFi does not make your device consume much power, most planes offer charging stations beside each seat. If you are with your charger, you can plug in as you enjoy flyfi in-flight wifi.

Bottom line

Flyfi is a game-changer in air transportation. It allows passengers to stay entertained and connected with their friends and loved ones even while flying. If you are going on air travel for 5 to 6 hours and need to stay connected to scale through the long journey, is your best bet for fast in-flight internet services.

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