12 Top Coding Apps For Android Phones

Just like the true saying ” practice makes perfect”, while studying, learning or even trying to get better at a new programming language, you have to solve as many problems as you can because practice makes experts in programming and without practicing, you will never become good at what you do. 

Just imagine if you are solving a problem and you didn’t get a solution and later, while waiting for friends or working on some other work, you get a solution to your problem and you have to check it quickly without opening a laptop or you are out of home. Then how would you run your program? 

Here’s the way out of that: simple: just do it on your android phone since it is always handy  

 Or you can use these apps when you are less busy or preoccupied and don’t have a laptop. You can write your code and then later you will integrate it into your project. 

 There are many Android apps that programmers use to run their programs; these apps make things much easier for beginners. This article concentrates on 13 of the top Android apps for programmers to help you choose the best one for your programming needs. 

Coding Apps For Android Phones

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1. Datacamp 

The datacamp coding app is one of prominent and user-friendly coding apps for androids, as rated from 2023 until now. 

 Datacamp allows users to make either yearly or monthly plans, whichever is more convenient for them. This coding app has an improved user interface and allows users to perform bite-sized exercises everyday.  

Some of the programming languages obtainable from DataCamp include: 

  • Python 
  • Scala 
  • C/C ++ 
  • SQL 
  • Java 
  • Julia 
  • Swift 
  • SAS 

Some of the benefits that are gotten from Datacamp include:

  1. Datacamp helps users build a career in data science which are highly needed in the modern day  
  2. Datacamp is a good booster for professional resumes. 

 2. TrebEDit

This is an excellent way to create your web development projects on your phone while keeping things organized. It is a mobile HTML editor. 

It also has a function that allows it highlight any text from any website and either save it as a new project or open it instantly in the text edition. 

Features include:

  1.  Text editor 
  2.  HTML Viewer 
  3.  JavaScript console 
  4.  Source code. 

 These are some of the features which help develop users data fluency on TrebEDit. 

3. Sololearn  

If you want to learn a specific language, such as python, JavaScript, C++, Swift, etc, Sololearn has you covered. It provides bite-sized lessons that break complex concepts into simple, easy-to-learn classes. 

In addition, each course comes with a unique certification. Sololearn is one of the best coding apps for Androids, which have been very helpful to many people globally. 

 4. Grasshopper 

Grasshopper is an app that allows you to take your first steps towards writing your own code. It was designed with novices in mind, and so the novice will start out step by step through a very friendly and easy-to-use interface with exercises that are visually adapted to be more intuitive and aid their learning process. Focused primarily on JavaScript, the individual will learn by playing a series of mini games. 

Grasshopper is a fine tool for starting out with JavaScript. Plus, planning your learning is as easy as setting up notifications to get you to play progressively more difficult games day by day. Grasshopper is truly an ideal app for total beginners. The individual will gain the kind of hands-on knowledge to lay the solid groundwork required for JavaScript proficiency. 

A Google product focusing entirely on JavaScript. It is primarily used to build websites and is one of the earliest programming languages for beginners. It allows you to sharpen your coding skills by solving quick visual puzzles and improving your fundamental concepts. 

It features a simple drag-and-drop style code editor, perfect for those new to programming. 

5. Mimo 

Provides programming classes in  5 coding languages; Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and SQL. It walks an individual through a series of questions before preparing a personalized set of lessons based on the individual’s responses. 

With the Mimo coding app, you’ll be able to learn coding, programming and other things which entail them: 

  1.  Explore two distinct career paths: full-stack development and front-end development. 
  2.  Learn to code in the most popular programming languages: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. 
  3.  Benefit from a structured curriculum that guides you through the code learning process. 
  4.  Solve bite-size coding challenges for efficient and focused code learning. 
  5.  Due to their mobile IDE, you can run code and build real-world projects on the go. 
  6.  Earn certificates and add them to your professional portfolio or share them on platforms like LinkedIn. 
  7.  Connect with millions of learners worldwide in the Mimo community. 

 While the courses’ content is free, you can level up your coding skills with Mimo PRO. It includes all the features for more efficient learning, such as: 

 6. Ad-free learning. Learn to code without any interruptions

  1. Certificates of completion that allows you to share your coding progress with the world. 
  2.  Support from the community of experienced learners and developers. 
  3.  This coding app is actually among the ones that have the best reviews from it’s users. 

 7. Programming Hub 

A slick, attractive coding application that takes a clever approach to helping people learn coding. Because it offers all-around skills, it is ideal for novices and experienced programmers. 

The lessons are brief and interactive, allowing the individual to grasp the concepts more quickly. It also has concept-based illustrations to help the person memorize things effectively. 

Programming HuB claims to have the fastest compiler on Android, which supports over 20 coding languages. One can take classes to learn programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, etc. An individual can also take courses in AI and edge computing. 

8. Code editor 

It has all of the capabilities that are required for coding, such as auto-indentation, code assistance, auto compilation, execution and so on. 

Features include:

  1. Syntax highlighting for over 110 languages (C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, markdown, PHP)
  2. Code assist
  3. Auto-compilation
  4. Easy navigation between multiple tabs
  5. Integrate online compiler;  Can compile and run 30 different languages ( Haskell, Ruby, Rust)
  6. Preview HTML and markdown files.
  7. Search and replace with regular expressions.

One interesting thing about Code editor is that they provide regular assistance to young coders. 

 9. Code academy Go 

Code academy Go is another coding app for androids. The app was founded in August 2011 by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski. However, it was designed on Google in 2012 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson. 

Code academy Go helps users review and practice what they’ve learned on the web anywhere and anytime. Some of the features that Code academy Go offers include:

  • Golang (an open-source programming language) 
  • Loops 
  • Array 
  • Maps and conditionals. 

Code academy Go has some advantages over other coding apps, which include:

  1. The programming language that Code academy Go offers is Golang, which is relatively easy to use. 
  2. Golang is fast and has comprehensive programming tools. 

One interesting thing that has a professional advantage with its use is that it was actually developed for software engineers; it was meticulously designed to perform the exact tasks needed from it. 

10. Spritebox  

The Spritebox coding app was designed by the same team that designed Lightbot, an app that teaches coding from scratch and is used by over 20 million kids globally. The Spritebox coding app was developed on the 22nd of August 2017.

One thing about this app is that it requires payment before it can be downloaded on either Apple store or on Google store. Some of the features of this app include: 

  1. Sequencing 
  2. Parameters 
  3. Loops 
  4. Procedures 
  5. Basic Swift/Java Syntax 

11. Encode

A straightforward app that offers quick python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS lessons. As progress ensues through the levels, the individual can unlock advanced topics with more complex challenges. 

Encode has a feature of offline support, allowing an individual to access topics without connecting to the Internet. Encode also offers bite-sized exercises. 

12. Programming Hero 

This is a coding application that is both personalized and fun. It offers courses in web development currently. It can be used to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap etc 

 Features include:

  1. During the process of learning, an individual can build his/her own game; 
  2. It makes learning easy because it includes fun;
  3. No Ads to interrupt your learning process
  4. No Premium Nagging or Blocking: They don’t block their contents, or nag to purchase subscriptions. 
  5. Learn with visuals and graphics

 So when you suddenly feel handicapped about not having a PC to code, remember that there are lots of good handy coding apps that have enabled their iOS to run on Android phones. 




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