12 Best C++ Game Engine For Beginners

The C++ game engine is a valuable and technological tool that is used to create and design video games. This engine provides diverse tools with different features for game developers to actualize their new ideas for video games.

C++ game engine has become a major and popular tool in our technological world, such as Armony, Build Box, Construct 2, and Corona. As a result, many developers have keyed into this advanced game creation program.

In this article, we will shed more light on what a C++ game engine is all about, its benefits, the best C++ game engine for beginners, and how to choose the best C++ game engine.

12 Best C++ Game Engine For Beginners

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To understand a topic, there is a need to understand some elements or terms. C++ is a programming language for creating large-scale applications.  Literally, it means C Plus (features).  A game engine is specialized software that is used to design or create different games. It is also seen as the creation of game programs using engines. The following are the best c++ game engine for beginners:

1. Armory

This type of game engine is one of the best C++ game engines a beginner can start with. It is an open-source game engine that can enable a developer to create more games through the connection of other tools.

2. Build Box

This is another best c++ game engine for beginners that requires a template in order to help them create new games. It allows you to select the type of game you want through a drag-and-drop system without learning any code.

3. Construct 2

The Construct 2 game engine has the features of drag and point, which enable developers to design two-dimensional games. Designing a game on this platform is less expensive to build.

4. Corona

This is a free-source game engine that has the ability to play on multiple platforms. It is very easy for beginners to learn and use the platform effectively.

5. Cry Engine

This is also one of the best c++ game engines for beginners. This game engine is free and has high-quality graphics. It offers tools to create standard-quality games that a beginner can easily learn.

6. Defold

This is a free-source game engine that supports web and mobile-based games.  It involves the development of two or more versions instead of multiple versions. Beginners can also learn this easily because it also provides guidance on how to use the program.

7. Game Maker

This game engine uses code before it can be created. The code engine provides two- or three-dimensional games, which is good and effective for beginners because it permits you to design video games when designing them.

8. Godo

This is also an open-source game engine that is based more on coding and game design. It provides the tools used to design video games. This tool makes the development of games fast and easy to design.

9. Monogram

This type of game engine helps a beginner design games on multiple cross-platforms. It uses coding tools to create games on multiple cross-platforms. It uses coding tools to create games from the beginning in order to help developers matriculate and develop their skills.

10. Phaser

This is another great c++ game engine for beginners. It provides tools that allow you to learn the program fast and easily. The Phaser game engine also uses coding to create games from scratch.

11. Unity

This game engine is a common and popular one for beginners to develop on. It consists of different tools you can use to develop video games.

Furthermore, Unity Game Engine is an advanced program with quality tools, although it is more expensive compared to other game engines.

12. Unreal Engine

They are free game designs that support 2D and 3D games. An unreal engine comprises high-quality graphics, multiple platforms and base scripting.

Features Of A C++ Game Engine

The following are features of a best C++ game engine for beginner:

1. Drag And Drop

Just as the name implies, it has to do with the creation of a game program by choosing any one of the tools from the list provided. The drag-and-drop game engine does not require coding in the process of designing a video game.

2. Visual Scripting

This type of c++ game engine for beginners gives you the ability to choose different functions that involve coding without the use of a script. The visual script requires that a developer understand coding.

3. Coding

It has to do with the script language of a particular game. Mastering this code will give you mastery over games, especially when you want to create more games.

4. Game Template

This is a complete game that requires you to change a few things by adapting to a network imported by you.

Benefits Of A C++ Game Engine

There are a lot of benefits that the C++ game engine offers in terms of game design, which makes it acceptable to many developers. It is so useful to the extent that even beginners can have access to it. The following are the benefits of a game engine:

1. High Performance

One of the benefits of a game engine is the level of performance it offers. It has high performance and is easy and fast to process. It has a larger capacity to handle complex engines when designing a video game.

2. Portability

It comprises tools that can run on multiple platforms, that is, game engines that can work on diverse devices in order to develop games easily and efficiently.

3. Control

This is the control a developer has over code and how it connects with hardware like a CPU. It makes it easier to manage the performance of the game engine.

4. Integration With Other Languages

They are the major language used to identify other higher-level programming languages that have been made easy to integrate with other game engines.

5. Community Support

Over the years, it has been used for community support through community developers. It has been made easy to provide solutions to certain game engine problems.

6. Compatibility

Games are very easy to develop due to the fact that they can run on different platforms or devices.

7. Efficient Memory Management

The game engine has tools that manage information imputed in the engine; that is, you can start with developing a game and not finish it at that particular time. You can save it and go back to it any time you wish to continue.

8. Versatility

C++ has the ability to perform so many things at a time. There is a provision of tools that allow you to develop games that can be played on multiple platforms. It also designs video games in two dimensions.

9. Low-level Interaction With Hardware

The connection to developing a game engine has a low level of interaction with hardware.

10. Provision Of Libraries

There are libraries available to support the development of games in order to provide solutions to any challenges when designing video games.

How To Choose A C++ Game Engine For Beginners

To choose the best C++ game engine for beginners, you need to understand the things to consider while choosing a game engine.

1. Your Computer Type

To choose a C++ game engine, you need to consider the type of computer you will use to design your game because some game engines do not support PCs or Macs.  Also, there are some computers that are old already, which might be slow in responding when developing, or the power engine of the game might be more powerful.

2. Game Genre And Platform

Different game genres have their own unique requirements, depending on the platform you are using to develop a game. After considering the type of computer use, there is also a need to consider the genre and platform so as to get a quality result.

More so, the type of game you want to develop will determine the game engine to use.

3. Your Skill Level And Team Size

This is the next thing you need to put into consideration before choosing a game engine for your game design. Different game engines have their own requirements, which are necessary to consider.

Furthermore, if you have a large team with different people with more experience, you might need a powerful scripting language.

4. Your Budget And Time

Your budget is a very necessary decision to make before finally choosing a game engine. This is a result of a free or paid engine; if you are choosing a paid engine, you need to choose the one that fits your budget.

More so, it requires time to develop a game. You will need to type in engine use based on the time you want to use to achieve a specific result.

Your targeted platform has to do with where your game will be played, so you need to use the right platform so as to help you choose your game engine correctly.

Final Word

Developing the best C++ game engine for beginners is a popular and effective program used by recent developers to express their ideas through the creation of video games in such a way that even beginners can learn how to use it. To know and utilize this platform program as a beginner, you need to read the topic all over again.

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