How to Cancel Total Adblock

Total AdBlock is an app that helps you control your browsing experience. It helps you enjoy your browsing by blockingĀ  unwanted ads and notifications. It also provides you with options for acceptable advertisements, though you will need to upgrade the app.

As a person who has subscribed to Total Adblock and wants to know how to cancel Total Adblock because it keeps renewing the subscription, you now have a change of mind and want to cancel it. In this article, we will discover the various steps you can take to cancel a total AdBlock.

How To Cancel Total Adblock

Looking for a solution on how to cancel total Adblock can be difficult, time-consuming and irritating. Total Adblock has difficult cancellation policies that will discourage its clients from doing it. You can spend a lot of time trying to cancel a subscription.

As a client, that can be very irritating and discouraging. But not to worry! This article will take you through the necessary process, guidelines and steps on how to cancel a total AdBlock, either because you had a change of mind or want to switch to a different ad lock service. Here are some steps on how to cancel total ad lock successfully. They include:


First, go to the right total Adblock website, Make sure you are on the official total Adblock website to ensure your information is secured and safe. Login to your account using your registered Email address and password. Ensuring that you are on the right official total ad lock website saves your information from being hacked or from any form of dubiousness and scam from internet fraudsters.


Once you’re logged in to your total ad lock account, locate the account or subscription settings section, which is located at the drop down menu in the main navigation bar or under your profile icon. After that, look for options like account, subscription or billing settings. Then click on it.


After you click on the subscription settings, somewhere in the subscription settings, there should be an option to cancel, opt-out or cancel auto-renewal. Look for buttons or links that say cancel or manage subscription or something similar and click on it to cancel your subscription. You might have gotten there but there are more steps to go on how to cancel the total AdBlock subscription.


After choosing the cancellation option, you may be asked to confirm your decision to cancel the subscription. Make sure to read the confirmation message carefully and follow the process to have a successful total adblock cancellation.


Once you have successfully cancelled your total AdBlock subscription,. Be sure to check your inbox for a confirmation email, and make sure to save the email sent to you for proof if need be. These are the important steps to take on how to cancelĀ  total AdBlock subscriptions. This article is bent on providing information and solutions on how to cancel total AdBlock subscriptions.


Having mentioned the main steps above, here are the alternative methods on how to cancel total AdBlock.

If you can find an option to cancel the total AdBlock subscription on the total AdBlock website,. You can switch to calling the customer service team, narrate the issue you are facing and ask them for direction and support on how to cancel the total AdBlock subscription. Provide your account details and clearly state your intentions to cancel the total AdBlock subscription.

The customer service team should be able to help you with the cancellation process. The customer service team has a hotline put in place for clients to get help or assistance if they can’t find the help they need on the website. The customer service team is an alternative way to get help or support.

Take note that the exact steps on how to cancel total AdBlock subscription vary depending on the platform or payment method you used to subscribe. Always refer to the company’s official website or customer support resources to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

As a client who wants his/her total AdBlock subscription, you might have your reasons, you may probably want to block it completely or switch to a different total AdBlock website. If your reason is to cancel the total AdBlock completely, then you might be asked to reconsider and weigh the benefits of the subscription. Cancelling your total AdBlock subscription may leave your device vulnerable to ads, potential online threat and fraud. Unless you are switching to another total AdBlock website, you need not worry about the ads and threats to your device because the new total AdBlock website you switched to will block out ads and online threats from your device.


After canceling the Total AdBlock website and considering switching to another website, there are other alternatives to choose from apart from the Total AdBlock website that you can check out and use. It is very advisable to totally block out ads and online threats from your device. There are various AdBlock services available, including browsing extensions and standalone applications. They include:

1. uBLOCK Origin: This is an alternative AdBlock website or application. It is a widely used open source browser extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

2. Adblock Plus: This is another alternative you can switch to from the total AdBlock website. It is a popular browser extension available for Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

3. Ghostery: This is a privacy-focused browser extension that blocks ads and trackers. It is available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

4. AdGuard: This is a versatile AdBlock offering browser extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera Mozilla Firefox and Safari, as well as desktop and mobile applications.

5. AdLock: This type of AdBlock is a standalone AdBlock application for Android and Windows devices that blocks ads system-wide, including in web browsers and applications.

6. Privacy Badger: This is an AdBlock website, which is a browser extension developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge that blocks ads and trackers. This is another good alternative AdBlock service you can switch to, if you aren’t getting it with the Total AdBlock website.

7. Pile Hole: This AdBlock app is a network level AdBlock solution that can be installed on a Raspberry Pi or other devices, providing adblocking capabilities for all devices on your network.

9. 1Blocker: This AdBlock app is a content blocker for Safari on macOS, iOS, and iPad that blocks ads, trackers, and other website elements.

10. HTTPS Everywhere: This is another good AdBlock alternative browser extension developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the TOR Project that encrypts your communication with websites and blocks some forms of tracking.

11. NordVPN CyberSec: This is a feature included in the NordVPN service that blocks ads, trackers, and malware-hosting websites at the VPN server level, providing protection across all your devices

Remember that while AdBlock services can improve your browsing experience and protect your privacy, they may also impact website revenue. Consider supporting your favorite content creators through other means, such as subscriptions or donations, if you find their content valuable.

As a person asking the question on how to cancel total AdBlock. In this article, we have made sure to get you the necessary information on how to do that and we know that by now, reaching this point, you will know how to cancel total AdBlock subscription. Note that, as mentioned before, this step varies depending on the AdBlock website or application you use.

Final Words

Cancelling Total Adblock can be a hassle, time consuming and irritating, as stated at the beginning of this article. That’s why in this article we have written simple and less complex steps and guidelines on how to cancel total AdBlock. We have the necessary procedures from steps 1-5 on what to do to have a successful cancellation process.

We also talked about the alternative methods, which are to call the customer service team for support if the website doesn’t give you what you want, also talked about how the various guidelines mentioned above can vary depending on the AdBlock website used.

We’ve also brought to your attention that total cancellation of total AdBlock without switching to a different AdBlock website or application can make your device vulnerable to ads, internet trackers, fraudsters and online threats. That’s the reason we listed other AdBlock websites and applications you can switch to as an alternative after cancelling your total AdBlock subscription.

Note that switching to an alternative AdBlock service is better than total cancellation of AdBlock applications. These are the necessary details on how to cancel a total AdBlock subscription successfully.


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