How to Cancel Tastecard Subscription: Simple Ways to Complete Your Cancellation Process

Tastecard is a digital subscription service constructed in a way that offers members discounts of about 50% off on dining out, movies, takeaways, attractions, online shopping and the list goes on. It is  a discount card at almost every restaurant in the UK and Ireland. They practically offer a 50% discount or two meals for the price of one at participating restaurants.

The restaurants that buy into the tastecard subscription idea are expected to offer a discount to members. People can use the tastecard website and smartphone app to locate participating restaurants. To find the app, it is available on Apple and Android devices.

Although it’s basically a restaurant discount, it also gives their members deals on their favorite activities. Let’s journey into Tastecard Subscription and what it’s all about.

What is Tastecard?

Tastecard originally started up in 2006 by Matt Turner. He set his sights on fetching restaurants more customers in an affordable way, which could be achieved by offering dinner. Tastecard started off in different London restaurants; each of them offered 2 for 1 meals or 50% off food to customers.

It was set up as Tastelondon, founded by Matt Turner and Jamie Milner. In 2010, it was rebranded to contain the rest of the UK and Ireland. It was recorded that in  June 2014, Tastecard reported over 7,000 participating restaurants and over 800,000 members and restaurants. Additionally, it was claimed to be the “UK’s biggest dining club”.

Tastecard has been in the business of saving member’s money on things they love, and they have been consistent with offering members a variety of discounts to select from. They have proven to be the UK’s leading dining club, which provides 2 for 1 on starters, desserts and mains, or 50% of the food bill.

They have made eating out more encouraging and affordable for people. This has made people eat out more and have new dining experiences.

Benefits of Tastecard Subscription

Here are some of the benefits of having a Tastecard:

  • 2 for 1 meals or 50% discount at over 1000 restaurants.
  • Cinema discounts at 350 + location
  • 25% off food and drinks at over 550 restaurants.
  • 50% off pizza delivery, particularly from some of the UK’s favorite pizza.
  • 25% off barista made drinks at Caffe Nero
  • Cinema discounts at ODEON

There are also other benefits you can get aside from the above-stated ones. But you should understand that, depending on your subscription, you may not have access to all the benefits available.

To figure out what your subscription looks like, login to the website or Tastecard app and head to “My details”, There, you will see your subscription and the benefits you’re entitled to.

How Many People Can Use Tastecard at a Time?

Only one person, the one who bears the name on the card, can use the discounts. But in a situation whereby you’re dining in groups,  only one of you needs an active Tastecard Subscription.

You can also gift your loved ones a 6-month membership card. They could love it. These are available in most supermarkets or check out Tastecard Gifting Page on their website for more information.

Tastecard Subscription

To subscribe to Tastecard:

  • Visit the Tastecard subscribe page
  • Choose a 30-day free trial, monthly or annual membership.
  • Provide the necessary information—your email address and password—to set up your account.
  • Immediately you’re signed in, add a payment method
  • If you want to automatically start tracking your subscription, then use your ScribePay Virtual card to make payment.

How does Tastecard Membership Work?

Subscribing to Tastecard automatically makes you a member, and you will have access to all the services it offers. Some of these include a 40% discount off the cinema ticket, 2 for 1 meal and a couple of others.

As a member in Tastecard, here are certain things to be on the lookout for:

  • It is pertinent to know that not every restaurant will accept the deal all the time, This is why it’s important to know the restrictions in the app and know how they operate, this includes their dates, days and system of operation.

How to Cancel Tastecard Subscription

There are laid-down procedures one needs to apply if they want to cancel their Tastecard subscription. Remember, canceling simply means you are no longer a member of Tastecard.

To cancel your Tastecard Subscription:

  • Visit Tastecard cancellation page
  • Follow the link and respond to their directions closely
  • Insert the same details you used to create your membership to stop the renewal of your membership.
  • Immediately your cancellation is complete, a confirmation message and an email confirmation will be sent to you.

How to cancel your Tastecard subscription Online

  • Visit the Tastecard website and log into your account.
  • Click on “My Account”
  • Scroll down to the membership section and click on “Cancel My Membership”
  • You will be asked to enter your reason for canceling your subscription.
  • Once it gets successful, you will receive a confirmation message or an email confirmation.

How to Cancel your Tastecard Subscription by Phone

  • Call Tastecard customer service at 0800 5677 242
  • You will be asked to provide your Tastecard number and other account information by the customer service representative.
  • Let the customer service representative know that you want to cancel your Tastecard membership.

Things to note while canceling your Tastecard Subscription

  • Cancellation of a Tastecard must take place within 14 days of purchase, and you will be eligible for a refund, but in a situation whereby you cancel your Tastecard after 14 days, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • To cancel your Tastecard, it must be before the end of your current membership term to avoid being charged.
  • Always reach out to Tastecard customer service for assistance.

How to Cancel Tastecard Subscription when you’ve Forgotten the Email

Yes, you can cancel your Tastecard subscription if you don’t know the email again. To cancel:

  • Go to the Tastecard Membership Page.
  • Insert the email you used to create your Tastecard account.
  • Tastecard will let you know that they can’t find it if it’s incorrect.
  • Try another email, and keep trying until Tastecard approves it. When it’s been approved, you will be asked to input your password.

Does Tastecard Refund Money After You Cancel?

A full refund or part of your money will be given if you cancel your Tastecard subscription. There are two ways to do this:

If you pay monthly:

  • There will be no refund and your subscription won’t renew if you’ve used any of the services.
  • A full refund will be given to you if you haven’t used any of the services.

Annually :

  • Just like the monthly fee, you will receive a full refund if you haven’t used any of the services.
  • A partial payment will only be given to you depending on the number of months that have passed and whether you have used any of the services.
  • If you’ve used any of the services and there’s less than one month until the subscription renews, then, you won’t be refunded.

How Much Does a Tastecard Cost in the UK?

  • In the UK, Tastecard currently costs £5.99, which lasts for a month.
  • An annual subscription costs £39.99.
  • Tastecard also offers a 30-day free trial, wherein a payment of £47.88 will be made annually.

How to Renew your Tastecard

Depending on the type of subscription you’ve made, whether annual or yearly, your Tastecard subscription will always automatically renew at the end of every year or month. Canceling your subscription is the only way to turn off your auto-renewal.

But, using other services like ScribePay will give you an alert to remind you that your Tastecard subscription is in the process.

To Check your Tastecard Subscription Last Day

To check your Tastecard subscription last day:

Why you should have a Tastecard Subscription

Having a Tastecard membership opens you up to lots of benefits.

  • It helps members save more money by eating out.
  • Tastecard does not only offer dinner discounts; they also offer their members 40% off cinema tickets, Not just that, they offer discounts on theater tickets, hotel stays and a couple of others.
  • Many of the restaurants featured on Tastecard are family-friendly.
  • Depending on how much you use Tastecard services, they are considerate of the fair value of money.


Tastecard has proved to be a sort of help to people, helping them eat out more and have ecstatic fun times together, be it dining, traveling, going to the cinema, on the list goes on. They have come to achieve this by offering mouthwatering discounts on each service they offer.

People have also come to realize the overwhelming benefits one can get from having a membership with Tastecard. Since Tastecard loves making things easy for its members, it has provided various ways we can cancel Tastecard subscriptions. We can cancel online by calling a customer service representative or going to the Tastecard website.

Just like we established already, Tastecard is into the business of saving people’s money and is also consistent with offering discounts. You can give it a try too.


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