How to Cancel Rac Breakdown: A Simple Guide

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing how to cancel Rac breakdown. Rac specifically provides motor-related services to a group of people, which includes consumers and businesses. With the help of a strong patrol force, Rac offers vehicle breakdown services nationwide. Rac has proven to produce peace of mind for private and business drivers, no matter what their motoring needs look like.

In the UK, the Rac works to support the interest of its members based on the most important motoring issues. This has been achieved through the Report on Monitoring, coupled with the Rac Opinion Panel. Rac breakdown covers you when you face vehicle challenges, like when your car stops working mid-journey. It does justice to it by covering the cost of towing it to the garage or roadside repairs.

Read on to learn more about Rac breakdown, different levels of Rac breakdown, benefits of Rac breakdown, and how to cancel Rac breakdown. That said, let’s get started!

What is Rac Breakdown?

Rac breakdown sees to the affairs of the vehicles of its members. A Rac patrol will be sent out to you if your vehicle breaks down on the road; this ensures that you get back on the road immediately. For any reason, if the Rac won’t be able to get your vehicle fixed on the roadside, a Rac inward travel will be set up with you. This could come in the form of replacement car hire, alternative transport, or hotel accommodation until your vehicle gets fixed.

Rac came into play in the year 1897 by Frederick Richard Simms. It was a set up of an associate section which had the obligation to provide its members with motoring services and roadside assistance. In 1901, the Rac introduced uniform patrols to the road. The patrols served as an aid or source of support to members because they could always alert motorists to police speed traps.

Moving on to 1912, the Rac introduced emergency roadside telephone boxes. This also gave members good support, as they could call for assistance and speak with each other on the road in safe areas.

What Does Rac Stand for?

According to research, it has been established that Rac formerly stood for Royal Automobile Club, but today it isn’t the same again.

When the Rac was first established, it was being managed by the Royal Automobile Club, which happens to be a private, social and athletic club that has to do with motor racing.

In 1999, LEX Service Plc bought the company; this led to the Rac and the Royal Automobile Club becoming two separate entities. The two organizations lost formal connections but could always accept the fact that they shared common history.

It could be safe to say that, currently, Rac doesn’t stand for anything.

How to Apply for RAC Membership

To be a member of Rac, one has to apply via an online form. Visit the Rac page online and click on the “ Apply for membership link” at the right-hand side of the page, then go ahead and fill the form that will be displayed for you. Here are details you would provide before furthering your application.

  • Contact details
  • Recent portrait photograph of yourself. It should clearly show your face and also be distant enough to enable viewing you fully, from your face to your shoulder.
  • Your full name, membership email address and number.
  • Second full name, email address and number.
  • If you have been a previous member, the details should be provided too

Remember that the application must be personally completed by the candidate; this simply means that one application goes to each person.

Different Levels of Rac Breakdown

There are levels of breakdown cover available, and this depends on your budget and needs.

  • Roadside: Rac will come and get you moving when you encounter problems on the road. If a car can’t be fixed at the roadside, it will be taken to a garage ten miles away.
  • Roadside recovery: This gets you moving at the roadside. Again, if your car can’t be fixed, it will be taken to the nearest garage. Another option will be to take you and your passengers to any single destination in the UK.
  • Roadside, recovery and at home—Rac will get you moving even if your car is at home. Just like roadside recovery, if your car can’t be fixed, it will be taken to the nearest garage or you and your passengers will be taken to any single destination in the UK.
  • Roadside, recovery, at home and onward travel: You will be given a hire car that you can use up to one day as your car gets fixed. Peradventure, if the hire car is not preferred or not the most appropriate, a member can be provided with hotel accommodation or other alternative means of transport. In this type of coverage, the roadside recovery policy also applies.
  • Roadside, recovery, at home, onward travel and European This provides you with everything mentioned above, coupled with breakdown assistance in Europe for trips of up to 90 days.

How to Cancel Rac Breakdown

Cancellation of Rac breakdown should take place within the first 14 days following the day you started; it might also be on the date you renewed or even on the date you receive your Rac Agreement. If you’ve decided to cancel your Rac Breakdown, here are certain things you need to know.

  • First, contact Rac customer support via 0330 159  0739 or 0330 159 1111. The customer representative will take a few details from you and know how to help you straight up.
  • Cancellation of Rac breakdown, which is done within 14 days of the receipt of your documentation and if you happen to not have made any trip or a claim, you will be given your full refund in such cases. Cancellation after 14 days have elapsed will not issue you a refund.
  • You can also cancel your Rac breakdown online via email. Visit the Rac email section and then choose any of the cancellations shown. Having done that, submit your name, email, Rac membership, policy number, phone number and any other information required of you.

Cost of Rac Membership

Several types of membership makes up the Rac breakdown cover.

Rac Personal Breakdown Cover: Here, a member gets cover as a driver, passenger in a car, van, motorbike or even minibus. There are two cover packages associated with this : Standard and Unlimited Cover Packages.

  • The standard cover package costs £11.75 monthly or £129.25 annually.
  • Unlimited cover package cost: £16.75  monthly or £129.25 annually.

Rac Electric Car Breakdown:

  • Standard here costs £9.75 monthly or £107.25 annually.
  • Unlimited cost: £16.75 monthly or £184.25 annually

Rac UK Breakdown Cover:

This only covers any driver in a specific vehicle when it breaks down. It is covered for a particular vehicle and when it breaks down. It covers the vehicle, roadside recovery, this is available in Standard or Unlimited too.

  • Standard cost: £9.75 monthly or £107.25 annually
  • Unlimited cost: £14.75 monthly or £162.25 annually.

Services Rac Provides

  • Rac Breakdown Cover
  • Rac Insurance
  • Rac legal services
  • Rac cars
  • Rac shops
  • Rac approved dealer network
  • Rac vehicle checks and inspection
  • Rac approved garage network
  • Traffic and travel information.

Benefits of Rac Breakdown

Rac breakdown cover comes with diverse benefits and advantages. Let’s see two essential ones:

  • They offer you an extra layer of protection when you’re out on the road. Every member is guaranteed extra protection if anything happens on the road.
  • One has that assurance and confidence when his/her car goes down. Members are not prone to panic and fear, because they are certain that they have a strong backup system in case of a breakdown.

Safety Precautions to take when your Car Break Down

It is usually inconvenient and a nightmare when your car breaks down on the road, especially when it’s a lonely, dimly- lit- road or on the motorway. If it ever occurs, here are certain tips to consider as you wait for your breakdown provider to arrive.

  • Call for help and assistance while waiting
  • The hazard light should be turned on.
  • Put on your side light if it’s dark.
  • Turn the steering wheel to the left and as you pull over at the far left on the lane as possible.
  • If you feel scared as a result of another person, get back into your car with windows shut and keep your door closed too.
  • Always position your warning triangle.
  • Again, if visibility is poor due to bad weather  or darkness, switch on your light.

Conclusion on how to Cancel Rac Breakdown

Rac breakdown offers the best of effortless services. They have come to be a source of cover to vehicles on the roadside and wherever you encounter challenges on the roadside. They also have services they offer based on how much one is willing to pay, this simply entails that you really do not have to acquire all the money in the world to be a member of Rac. You can start from where you are.

Another outstanding thing is how to cancel Rac breakdown. Rac’s pattern of cancelation is a type that can be called stressless. Members are given the right to cancel anytime they want, as long as they do so within 14 days of renewal. Cancellation, as we already established, can be done by calling the customer support representative or via online email.

Rac breakdown has really proved to be a good layer of protection to drivers, vehicles and passengers. They have also been a sort of lifesaver to their members countless times.


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