How to Cancel Odeon Booking: A Detailed Guide to Odeon Booking Cancellation

When it comes to fun and entertainment, Odeon takes it a leap higher by providing top-tier, thrilling cinematic experiences for guests who visit their cinemas. Odeon prides itself in delivering the very best cinematic experiences via cutting-edge technologies and providing the widest choice of experiences. Odeon Cinemas Limited is a leading cinema brand name in the UK and is part of Europe’s largest cinema operator, Odeon Cinemas Group owned by AMC Theatres, the largest movie exhibition company in the world.

Founded in 1930, Odeon is the largest and best-known cinema chain in the UK and Ireland. Odeon’s distinguished reputation in the cinema industry goes beyond a mere puff, as it has increasingly attracted top industry recognitions, such as the recognition for being the first Dolby Cinema in the UK.

Beyond being a world-class cinema company, Odeon focuses on not just providing the best cinematic experiences to customers but also ensuring that customers do not just watch movies but experience them. This drives the cinema giant to continuously strive to innovate and improve its hospitality and services.

Odeon Cinema Membership Scheme

Priding itself as a destination for film lovers, Odeon provides two major cinema membership schemes. They are; myOdeon membership and myLimitless membership.

MyOdeon is a free-to-join membership scheme that allows members to enjoy a personalized experience and a host of exclusive offers, rewards and content. Some of the perks that come with myOdeon membership include paying less on member Mondays with tickets from as little as $5, a quicker, easier way to book tickets with the myOdeon app,  hassle-free refunds and booking amends, exclusive and personalized rewards, recommendations for movies tailored to your interest, amongst other benefits.

On the other hand, myLimitless membership is a premium membership with which members can see all the films they want, as often as they like for a fixed monthly fee, plus all the benefits of myOdeon membership.

Importance of Knowing How to Cancel a Booking

Film lovers may book tickets at the cinema, on the Odeon website or via the Odeon app, which is accessible to all, irrespective of the type of membership subscription. Booking tickets has always been a straightforward process which is seamless and easy for everyone.

However, if for any reason a person encounters challenges booking tickets from either of the mediums mentioned above, the support team at Odeon is always willing to help you sort out the challenge. Notwithstanding the seamless process of booking tickets and the pleasant cinema experience characteristic of Odeon Cinemas, for certain reasons, a person may decide to cancel their booking. Hence, it is important to know how to cancel an Odeon booking. To begin, some of the reasons why a customer may cancel their booking include:

  1. To amend a booking: A customer may amend their booking for various reasons, such as to make more bookings, to book in advance, to make several bookings in one online transaction, etc.
  2. To change a booking: This may occur when a customer changes their choice of film, cinema, etc.
  3. A schedule change: Perhaps there has been an emergency or a change in the customer’s schedule that will make them unavailable for the booking earlier made.
  4. Change of mind: This occurs when the customer no longer wishes to see the particular movie anymore.
  5. Change of plans: There may be a change of plans that prevents the customer from keeping the earlier scheduled booking.

Whether it is a hotel, airline, or concert ticket booking, knowing how to cancel a booking is as important as the booking itself.

The benefits of knowing how to cancel Odeon booking

1. Flexibility

Being able to cancel a booking provides individuals with flexibility and allows them to adjust their plans in the event of a change of plan, an emergency, or generally unforeseen circumstances. In these instances, knowing how to cancel a booking is very helpful in preventing unnecessary inconveniences or financial losses.

2. Avoiding Cancellation Fees

It is important to cancel a booking early enough in order to avoid late cancellation fees. For tickets booked using the myOdeon app, you can use the app to cancel your order and this may be done two hours before the advertised time of screening.

3. Peace of Mind

Having the ability to cancel a booking when needed provides peace of mind, knowing that you have control over your plans and can make adjustments as necessary. This reduces stress and allows individuals to focus on other priorities without worrying about commitments they can no longer fulfill.

4. Act of Courtesy

Cancelling a booking that is no longer necessary shows some responsibility on the part of the customer and is courteous to others. This is because by cancelling a booking, especially when the cancellation is done early enough, you free up space and resources for others who may be looking to book the same service or utilize the same resource.

5. Cost and Resource Management

It is important to effectively manage one’s resources as well as minimize costs where necessary. Understanding how to cancel bookings helps effectively manage, save cost, and avoid waste.

How to Cancel Odeon Booking: Understanding Odeon’s Online Purchase and Booking Terms

The following regulates your orders via the Odeon website or on myOdeon app:

  1. Your online order is an offer to purchase; if Odeon accepts your order, it will display a confirmation page on your screen, and there will be a contract between you and Odeon. An e-mail confirming your order will also be sent.
  2. If an online pricing error occurs and the error could reasonably be recognized by you as an error, ODEON is not obliged to supply at the incorrect price, even after the confirmation page has been displayed and the confirmation email has been sent to you.
  3.   Price and availability information is subject to change without notice.
  4.   You need to be a myODEON member to use the myODEON app.
  5. All prices include VAT.
  6. A fee for online booking is always charged, unless otherwise specified
  7. The online booking fee is, however, not charged for tickets purchased in the cinema.
  8. Age restrictions apply to film viewing and some ticket types. Hence, proof of age may be required at the cinema.
  9. Seating will be reserved unless the booking process states otherwise.
  10. Tickets booked online are always accessible at the cinema.

What about my cooling-off right?

Generally, in consumer rights legislation and practice, cooling-off period refers to the period of time following the purchase when the purchaser may choose to cancel a purchase and return goods which may have been supplied for any reason and get a full refund. Notwithstanding, it is important to note that for online ticket and food and drink purchases, there is no statutory cooling-off right.

However, if a customer has booked tickets using MyOdeon app, the customer can use the app to cancel their order and Odeon Cinemas will utilize reasonable endeavors to refund all the items in the order on a self-serve basis This right subsists for up to 2 hours before the advertised start time of the screening. However, cancellation of tickets done this way does not entitle the purchase to a refund of the online booking fee attached to all online bookings.

Again, a customer may not cancel their order on the Odeon website or on the app, which only consists of food and drink (including where merchandise is purchased as part of the food and drink order). Hence, cancellation of orders is strictly for film tickets.

In addition, it must be noted that certain tickets for specific cinema events or specific event screenings are non-refundable and are excluded from the general booking terms described above.

Furthermore, it is important that customers confirm and ensure that they meet the film and ticket type requirements (e.g., age) before booking, as Odeon Cinemas is under no obligation to refund or amend a purchase if a customer makes the purchase in error or changes their mind, except as stated in the foregoing.

Regarding gift cards purchased either on the Odeon website or on the myOdeon app, purchasers have the right to cancel their order within 14 days from the day after they receive their gift card, provided it hasn’t been used. Customers who wish to cancel their order during this period may contact the Guest Service Center via the “Contact Us” page of the website.

How to Cancel Odeon Booking

To do this, the following steps must be religiously adhered to:

Step 1: Login to the website or the MyOdeon app using your email address

Step 2: Click on ‘Purchases’

Step 3: Select which booking you want to cancel

Step 4: The refund button will appear toward the bottom half of the screen. It appears once the payment transaction has settled and this may take up to 6 hours from when the booking was made

Step 5: Click the refund button to get refunded and complete your booking cancellation.

It must be noted that refunds may take up to seven working days to appear in your account.

If a customer encounters any challenge or requires assistance with cancellation and accessing bookings, all of such challenges can be easily sorted out via the accessibility helpline: 03330151208, Monday–Sunday, 10.15 a.m.–5 p.m.


As has been explained above, a customer may cancel their bookings for various reasons. Odeon Cinemas Limited fully understand these reasons and is more inclined to support customers in their decision to cancel a booking. Hence, the procedure for cancelling an Odeon is straightforward and simplified.

If you are a myOdeon or myLimitless member, you can cancel a booking you have made as long as the film is not starting within 2 hours. Unfortunately, it must be noted that members of myOdeon and myLimitless, as well as guest services, cannot amend a booking. The best thing to do, therefore, is to cancel and refund your booking and then make a new one.


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