How to Cancel GMB Union Membership

As a member of the GMB Union, you might want to know how to cancel GMB union membership for reasons best known to you. In this article, we got you on that. Let’s start by telling you what GMB Union is all about.

The GMB Union, also known as a municipal, boilermakers and allied trade union, is a general trade union in the United Kingdom with over 620,000 members. The union represents workers across various sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, finance, retail, commercial services, public services and health care.

GMB aims to protect and improve its members right at work; it offers advice, support and representation in every work related matter. As a subscriber to the GMB union membership, you might want to cancel your membership and would like to know about the process involved.

This article will guide you on the necessary steps on how to cancel GMB union membership and have a smooth cancellation process.

How to Cancel GMB Union Membership

STEP 1: Contact Your Local GMB Office

You can start by locating or contacting your local GMB office and informing them that you would like to cancel your GMB union membership. They should be able to provide you with any specific requirements or procedures you should follow to go about the cancellation.

STEP 2: Cancel your Direct Debit

After reaching out to your local GMB office to check if you have set up a direct deposit for your membership fees, make sure to contact your bank or use your online banking services to cancel it. Doing this will prevent any further payments from being deducted from your account.

STEP 3: Notify GMB of your Cancellation

It is very important to inform GMB of your decision to cancel membership and to ensure that they are aware of the change. Doing this will ensure there’s no misunderstanding or issues down the line.

STEP 4: Contact GMB Customer Service for Assistance

The GMB customer service offers you service directly in case you encounter problems, or have questions about cancelling your membership, so don’t hesitate to inform them. They are sure to provide you with all the necessary aid and guidance you need throughout the cancellation process. It saves you a lot of stress to contact them. You wouldn’t need to go through a long process to cancel your membership; you would have direct help from them.

In relation to this, there are various ways to get in touch with GMB customer service:

  • GMB phone numbers: To get to their customer service, you have to call their general enquiries number, 0300 333 0303 or get them through their membership hotline, 0345 337 7777, to ask for assistance.
  • GMB website: Another way you can reach GMB customer service is by visiting the “contact us’ ‘ section on the GMB website. Here you will find email addresses, phone numbers and regional office contacts. And with that, you can reach out to any of the options given on their website.
  • GMB Email: You can send an email to Here, you can explain to them your situation and ask for assistance with cancelling your membership. Telling them of your problems will inform them on how to proceed about giving you assistance in your decision to cancel your membership.

Following these steps as a person wanting to cancel your GMB union membership, you will be able to do it efficiently and effectively. Recall to locate your local GMB office or customer service to know if they have specific guidelines or requirements that may have to be given to you.

STEP 5: Confirm your Cancellation

Call and follow up with your local GMB office or customer service to confirm that your membership has been cancelled and to also address other outstanding issues or related problems. After going through the steps above, it is very crucial to confirm your cancellation to ensure it has been processed correctly. You might get a confirmation email or message on the website or GMB office concerning that.

STEP 6: Check your Final Membership Status

Once you have confirmed your cancellation process, make sure you verify your membership status, either through your GMB website or through your online account. This helps you really confirm that the cancellation process has been done successfully and it also gives you peace of mind. This is necessary because at times the process may not go through and you might think it was successful, only for you to check back and see that the cancellation process wasn’t successful. Although when you follow those steps mentioned above, it rarely happens.

STEP 7: Reflect on your Experience

Though this might be optional or peculiar to some people. As you conclude the cancellation process, take a moment to reflect on your time as a GMB union member. Weigh the benefits and the times they have not met your expectations. This will help you make more informed decisions when choosing union membership or any organization in the future. It helps you see and know what to look out for when choosing union membership again.

As a person who wants to know how to cancel GMB union membership, it might also interest you to know about alternative union memberships aside from GMB union membership.


That being said, there are various alternative union memberships available in the UK that offer various benefits and support to workers in difficult sectors.

Here are some alternative Union Memberships to GMB Union Membership.


UNISON is the UK’s largest public service union, with over 1.3 million members. It represents workers in sectors such as police service, health care, local government and education. It is a good alternative union to GMB and it also provides assistance with legal services, workplace issues and educational opportunities.


Unite offers representation, legal support training and various member benefits. Unite is another great alternative to GMB membership because it is the largest trade union in the UK and Ireland. And it represents 1.4 million members across multiple industries, including health care, manufacturing, transport and construction.

3. Communication Workers Union

This union CWU represents over 200,000 people in the communications industry and it includes telecoms employees, postal workers and financial services staff. It provides support, advice and representation on issues such as pay, employment rights and working conditions.

4. National Education Union (NEU)

This union in itself focuses on issues such as workload, pay and professional development. NEU is the largest education union in the UK and represents over 450,000 members in the education sector, including teachers, lecturers and support staff. It is another good alternative to GMB membership if you are interested in the education sector.

5. Union of Shop, Distribution, and Allied Workers (USDAW)

This union is a trade union representing 430,000 members in various retail and related industries, which includes distribution centers, supermarkets, and pharmacies. USDAW union focuses on improving wages, benefits of its members, and working conditions.

6. Public Commercial Service Union (PCS)

PCS is also on the listĀ  of good alternative unions to GMB for those who want to cancel GMB membership, You can try this if it suits your taste or preference. PCS represents 200,000 civil servants and public sector workers in the UK. Here they offer support on different work-related issues, campaigns for better working conditions, fair play and legal services.

When choosing an alternative to GMB membership, you should consider factors like member benefits, industry-specific representation and the union’s track record of support and advocacy for workers.

After cancelling your GMB union membership, you wish to join another union’s membership. It is advisable to choose a union that is related to your profession and personal preference; this is to ensure that you get the best possible support and good representation in your workplace.

Final Words

This article was set to bring answers to your question on how to cancel GMB union membership and we have done that! We started off by making you understand what GMB union membership is and their purpose or mission, though you might already know that for you to be in their membership forum, then we broke down the different steps on how to cancel GMB union membership and we also gave you different ways to get help faster and more effectively by locating your local GMB union office or you can call customer service.

Also note that, for you to have a successful cancellation, you must go through the processes given to you above and if, after cancelling your GMB membership, you want to join another union because it didn’t meet your expectations, we also gave you some alternative unions you can choose from and we said to note that when choosing a union, you should choose the one in relation to your profession or personal preference. We know that in this article we meant and exceeded our expectations on how to cancel GMB union membership.

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