How to Cancel Beer52 Subscription: Your Guide for Beer52 Cancellation Process

Beer52 is a company that offers its members the opportunity to try out the best beers available, precisely within and beyond the UK. Just by having a membership with them, it opens you up to having a maximum craft beer experience from some of the biggest and most exclusive breweries around the world.

Joining the membership of beer52 comes with mouthwatering privileges. Certain privileges you can enjoy are limited offers, special discount packages and timely updates about beer deals. Just like beer52 would say, “ Any beer you don’t like is ‘on the house’. They offer their members premium assurance quality for all the beers supplied.

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the whole make-up of beer52, how to subscribe, how to cancel a beer52 subscription, and every other piece of information you will need.

What is beer52?

Beer52 is an online craft beer shop and one of the world’s largest craft breweries, with more than 200,000 members across the UK. It was founded in 2013 during the summer. Beer52 came to existence by James Brown, who went with his dad on a motorcycle trip. They stopped by in Belgium, and he developed a strong affection for craft beer. To that effect, every month, he could step out to visit a new country in search of the best beers, Along the way, his friend Fraser tagged along with him. Ever since then, Beer52 has become the world’s most popular beer club. They have a total of 68 people employed at

Beer52 is in the business of discovering the fast-growing world of craft beer. In addition to these, they also work very closely with the breweries that they feature. They do this to give you that heartwarming experience in the beer world. These top-notch beers are only available to Beer52 subscribers.

How to Subscribe to beer52

To sign up to beer52, visit and click on the ’get started’ button. Whether you have a gift card or voucher is inconsequential; all you need to do first is visit Beer52’s website.

If you have obtained a voucher or gift card, click on ‘Promo or gift code’, you will see this under the ‘get started button’. After clicking it, a pop-out message will show up, To claim your voucher, you will have to enter your code. Your discount will be shown on the next page.

Your next billing date and price will be communicated to you at every stage of inputting your details. After all details have been carefully filled in, you will click on ‘place my order’ to start your craft beer subscription. Your dashboard will be displayed, which automatically makes you a member of Beer52.

Subscribing to beer52 is done on monthly basis, in which members are entitled to get a box of eight different types of beers with a snack and the company’s magazine. Your flavor preference will be taken note of so as to give you the best.

Beer52 Subscription Cost

Here’s the cost of subscribing to beer52

  • To subscribe for 8 beers, the cost is $27, for ten beers, $32 , for 12 beers, $37; and for 16 beers, $53. Billing takes place every 28 days.

Let’s take a look at what you stand to gain from each pack you subscribe to.

  • For the 8-pack monthly subscription box, every member stands to gain: 8 different beer bottles, a magazine of their company, ferment, 2 snacks and free delivery.
  • The 10-pack monthly subscription box comes with: 10 beers, magazine, ferment, 2 snacks and a free delivery.
  • For the 12-pack monthly subscription, a member is entitled to: 12 beers, a magazine, ferment, 2 snacks and free delivery.
  • The 16-pack monthly subscription comes with 16 beers, a copy of the company’s magazine, ferment, 2 beer snacks and free delivery.

Note that, you will only get free delivery on subscription if your order is above $22.50.

How to Cancel beer52 subscription

Canceling beer52 is one of the most simple things to do. Simply, cancel beer52 accounts via 0131 285 2684 or reach out via email at (

Beer52 is open to calls on Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Why Can’t beer52 be Cancelled Online?

It’s surprising to know that there’s no avenue through which one can cancel beer52 subscription online. The only one provided by beer52 is via phone, email or reaching out to a customer service representative on social media.

Beer52 have given their reason for erasing online cancellations. According to them, they noticed that customers were taking advantage of the sign-up offer by creating multiple accounts and cancelling them all after one box. There was automated voucher protection system mapped out to fish out these multiple sign ups and they did a very good job picking them out, but people still seem to find other ways of exploiting it

A human form of contact was implemented as a result of this severe exploitation. This was done to protect the business, it also gave agents a good time to carefully review and access every single account, they made sure that no sign-up offer was being exploited. The most beautiful thing about the human contact method is that it gives members the opportunity to  have their feedback and complaints resolved immediately.

How to Pause beer52 Subscription

Beer52 has given members options to choose how to go about their subscription. You can choose to cancel your subscription, pause or freeze for at least one or more months to continue after the required period.

To pause your subscription:

  • Go to beer52 login page and log into your account.
  • From the top corner of your screen, tap on settings.
  • This page will pull out different options, one of which will be ‘Subscription Options’. Click on it.
  • In this page, you can opt for whatever you want to go for. It can be to upgrade, pause or cancel your subscription.
  • For a one-month break, you can take a pause, but if you want to take more than a one-month pause, then, you have to reach out to their customer service representative or their team and notify them about it.
  • Once they confirm your reason and approve how long you want to take a pause, they will make proper arrangement and freeze your subscription until the desired time to start off again.

How Long Does it Take beer52 to deliver?

They usually take 2–3 days to deliver. Sometimes next-day delivery also applies; this is only possible if you ordered by 8pm for your first box. After the first box delivery, other deliveries have an average of 2–3 days before arrival. A member should also hold on until after 3 working days before they can file a complaint or get in touch.

During the course of delivery, you can also track your box. How does this work?

Your box will be assigned a tracking number, which will be sent to your email for confirmation; sometimes it is sent to your Beer52 account.

To be on the safer side, download the courier app, which is a tool that will help you track your box. The good news is that you can update your delivery preferences. Maybe you won’t be in the place you indicated to be previously; you can actually update your new location at the point of delivery  in the courier app, It is also permissible if you would like to leave your box with a neighbor for pick up.

Some Beer52 Referral Terms and Conditions

Beer52 has certain referral terms and conditions they strictly stick to. Some of these terms and conditions are:

  • When you refer a friend and they enter your referral link or referral code at signup, they will be able to claim 50% off their first case.
  • If your referrals stay up to the full price, then you will be awarded with a free bottle of beer as a way of showing appreciation.
  • The referral and referee must have different billing and shipping addresses.
  • Cancellation of subscription means you’ve lost every free case accumulated.
  • Beer52 has the right to cancel rewards at any time when exploitation or misuse is suspected.
  • You must have an active account to be awarded free cases.


It is evident that Beer52 gives a premium beer experience to its members. Glancing through their mode and system of operation, one could agree that their services are quite satisfactory. They have attained this satisfactory level with customers through the exclusive treat they offer, which entails giving out different flavors of beer to the members and just according to their preferences, the snacks and magazines offered by Beer52 are something that stands out too.

In the aspect of cancellation, how to cancel Beer52 subscription is also a brilliant idea. The idea of having a human contact form of cancellation is also welcome. The options provided by Beer52 Break work too, in a situation whereby one might not want to cancel, but can go for a break and start later on.

Beer52 mode of delivery and creating an avenue where members can update their location in the courier app are also apt, making it easy for their members.


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