How to Cancel Audiobooks

An audiobook is simply a recording of book being read out loud. Audiobooks have been one of the sources of building and enhancing literacy skills; they have served as a tool used to enhance fluency, vocabulary, phonics, comprehension and the list goes on.

Audiobooks has really been of great help to different students, ranging from second-language learners, learning-disabled students, struggling readers, etc. It has also made it easy for the teachers of these students, as it has given them access to the literary world. It hasn’t only given students access to the literary world, it has also introduced them to books above their level, and they still comprehended it.

This doesn’t mean that Audiobooks is best for all, so in this article, we’re going to venture into Audiobooks and know the pros and cons of it, coupled with any relevant information that will be needed.

What is Audiobook?

Audiobooks came into play in 1932 as a result of the establishment of a recording studio by the American Foundation for the Blind. This foundation created recordings of books on vinyl records; each part of the record held 15 minutes of speech. Not long enough, the following year precisely, Congress passed an amendment that allowed the Library Of Congress to begin producing audiobooks.

According to research, the initial recordings included William Shakespeare plays, “As the Earth turns” by Gladys Hastry Carroll. As time went on, more recording started showing up, basically to assist the blind. The Listening Library became a major distributor for recorded books in 1955.

In 1960, cassette tapes were used, and in 1980, compact discs, Diverse technologies kept emerging in audiobooks. During the late 1990’s and 2000’s, Audiobooks gained popularity due to the advancement of technology.

Thomas Alva Edison happened to be the first inventor of this type of recording, but historically, audiobooks first emerged in 1932 by the American Foundation for the blind.

Audiobooks have proved helpful since it came into existence, allowing a person to listen to a recording of the text of a book rather than read the text. Some of the common sites where audiobooks can be found include:

  • Apple Books
  • Google Play Store
  • Nook Audiobooks
  • Kobo

How to Sign Up for Audiobooks

Create an account and sign up to listen to audiobooks, You will get your first book free, coupled with two 2 bonus books from VIP selection.  While it may seem as it is, if you enjoy and like it, get one audiobook and 1 bonus VIP book, just for $14.95 USD. You can also cancel at any time if it doesn’t sit well with you.

Audiobooks book subscription gives one access to over 10,000 free audiobooks. You also get one extra free book every month via VIP program.

About the free trial, you should know that once your free trial has expired, your monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged to billing, Again, remember that your free trial starts on the very day you sign up. Assuming you started off on March 1st, your first billing date would be 31st March, that is, after 30 days.

How to Cancel Audiobooks

There are absolutely no restrictions when it comes to canceling your audiobooks.  To cancel audiobooks:

  • Login to your account on the website.
  • Go to ‘My Account’ on the top right corner.
  • Click on ‘Billing Information’ and select ‘Cancel My Account’.

It is pertinent to note that your account can’t be canceled through the app. But you can opt to permanently delete your account. This could be achieved by clicking on ‘Forget Me’ under ‘My Account’. You know what this means? It deletes all data and also entails that you have no access to your account again, as well as the books you already purchased.

How to Cancel Pre-order Audiobooks

To achieve this,

  •  Log into your account on their website and select My Account on the right top of your phone screen.
  • Go to the pre-orders page, which will show you all your completed, active and canceled pre-orders.
  • Click on Cancel this pre-order to cancel an active pre-order.
  • A pop-up message will ask you again to confirm if you really want to cancel; if yes, it will be canceled. There is no further procedure.

Some Challenges Faced by Using Audiobooks

Audiobooks, like we rightly established, are one of the best means of learning, helping people gain access into the literary world, but, they still have certain problems peculiar to them. Let’s look into some of the challenges their members face.

1. Some books are unavailable:

Audiobooks are available internationally, but some books may not be available to certain countries. This is because when publishers get the right to books, they may also only get right to distribute to certain countries, and only approved countries will be regionally registered, meaning that unapproved countries will be regionally restricted.

2. Mute Books:

Some audiobooks do not play and in this aspect, it is required of you to delete and retry downloading again. If this doesn’t  help or fix the issue, reach out to audiobooks customer service representative for assistance.

3. Reader’s Speed:

Since we are not the ones reading the book, sometimes, the reader’s speed is incompatible with ours. Audiobook readers are slow and, at times, might not carry people of various reading speeds along. The reader’s accent is also a factor to be considered.

4. Lack of Adequate Knowledge for Punctuation Marks:

Students who readily bask on audiobooks will have to struggle with punctuations, syntax and structures. This is because, they only listen and do not see how or where punctuation should be placed, and they can’t possibly tell which is which from the reader’s voice.

5. Reader’s Accent or  Narrative Tone:

The reader’s accent or narrative voice can be a huge challenge when using audiobooks, mainly when their language or choice of words is not so peculiar with the listener. This can greatly affect the listener’s experience, it could really be difficult to enjoy and continue listening.

Other challenges incurred include:

  • Inability to jump back and forth while reading.
  • No visual aids
  • Technical issues might ruin one’s reading.
  • Audiobooks are more expensive than traditional books.

Amidst the challenges posed by audiobooks, there are still beautiful things to say about audiobooks.

6. Time Management

It’s no longer debated that audiobooks help you manage time properly, with regards to the fact that one can still get to do other things while listening to audiobooks. It can be listened to while driving, bedtime, during gyming periods and the rest of them.

7. Critical Listening Skills get Improved

Listening to people is a skill, which everyone doesn’t have. Some people are not good listeners, but with the help of audiobooks, it will assist to the development of listening skills.

8. Boost your mental health

Listening to good audiobooks helps develop your mental health and also helps you eradicate ugly experiences by providing better experiences from books.

Books that do Not Make Good Audiobooks

Every book does not make good audiobooks; even Audible recommends against making any of the following books an audiobook.

  • Quotation book
  • Reference book
  • Travel guides
  • Any type of picture book

Books that Make Good Audiobooks

  • History
  • Romance
  • Spirituality
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Fantasy
  • Health and fitness

How to Record an Audiobook

Recording an audiobook can be done by anyone; novices too can record, but it requires a good amount of work and the cost of production isn’t as much as we think.

Here are the steps on how to record your audiobook:

  • Obtain the right equipment: You simply cannot start recording a book with your phone, you’re going to spend some money to get the following items: good mic, pop screen, and garageband or audacity.
  • Choose a convenient space for your recording, get good equipments and be sure they are all properly functioning.
  • Start recording your audio. Some tips that might help you: Apply shea butter lip balm, water should be handy for you to sip at intervals, be conversant with what you’re reading, read and understand it over and over again before recording.
  • Send your audio to an audio engineer for editing.
  • Upload your audiobook and cover.
  • Your keywords should be properly updated.

Audiobook Refund Policy

A member can request a refund of the book if:

  • Payment was made within the last 7 days
  • You’ve listened to less than 50% of the audiobook content.


There’s no doubt that audiobooks are what we all should try out; you never know if you might like them. The amazing thing about audiobooks is how to cancel them. Cancellations come without lots of stress and procedures, coupled with the fact that one can cancel at anytime without being questioned.

The production of audiobooks is also something to be admired; it has been made in such a way that anyone can produce audiobooks without it costing a fortune. This, in turn, will encourage lots of people to venture into this skill and become more productive and resourceful too.

We can’t also overemphasize the benefits of audiobooks to students. It has served as a tool for certain students to love, enjoy and embrace the literary world.


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