How to Cancel an Amazon Return: A Simple Guide

Canceling a return on Amazon may present difficulties, but it is possible with certain requirements. You can cancel an Amazon return if you have not yet sent the item back to Amazon. You can choose to cancel items that Amazon has fulfilled or that have been shipped and sold by Amazon before they enter the shipping process. If the item is being sold and delivered by a third-party vendor, customers typically have the option to cancel their orders within one working day. After starting the process to fulfill an order, a seller needs to approve any cancellation requests.

Keep reading to learn a few ways in which you may be able to cancel an Amazon return after it has been processed, learn about the Amazon return policy generally, understand the policy in particular  and what situations will enable a buyer to cancel a return within the Amazon return policy.

How to Cancel an Amazon Return

Canceling a return on Amazon may seem like a daunting task  but with the right guidance and knowledge, the process can be smooth and hassle-free. If an item is sold by a legal entity, the return label will expire 30 days from the date your order was delivered. You can cancel a return within this period and retain your funds. The first step is always to try to manage the return or exchange from your Amazon account.

Step 1: Access Your Amazon Account

The first step on how to cancel an Amazon return is to access your account. To do this, you can sign in to your Amazon account with your mobile number, email address, or phone number as your username.

You can also use your Amazon customer account number or your registered Amazon buyer account number as your username. Once you sign in, you can access many services in your account using your username and password. Some services available in your Amazon account are not available to those who access Amazon services as guests.

When you shop on Amazon, you are stepping into the world of your account. But if you don’t have time to check your mail or password, no problem. Amazon can remember your password so that next time for convenience, you can stay signed in. Or you can allow Alexa to help you stay signed in.

Step 2: Navigate To Your Orders

Follow these steps to find your orders on Amazon:

After logging into your Amazon account, select “Accounts & Lists,” located in the upper right corner. Choose “Your Orders” in the drop-down menu to view a list of both your past and present orders. This list will include:

  • Order date
  • Order number
  • Total cost
  • Status (e.g., “Delivered,” “Shipped,” “Processing”)

Following that, select an order number to access additional information, such as:

  • Shipping address
  • Payment method
  • Order status updates

Next, utilize the filters located on the top of the page to organize your orders according to:

  • “Pending” (orders not yet shipped)
  • “Shipped” (orders in transit)
  • “Delivered” (orders received)
  • “Canceled” (orders canceled by you or Amazon)

The “Search orders” bar allows you to locate particular orders by keyword or order number.

Furthermore, when dealing with a large number of orders, you can utilize the “Pages” buttons located at the bottom of the page to move between various pages of orders.

Step 3: Initiate The Return Cancellation

Once you are on the “Your Orders” page, proceed with these instructions in order to cancel a return on Amazon.

  • Locate the order that includes the item you wish to cancel the return for.
  • Press the button labeled “Return or replace items” that is located next to the item.
  • Choose the item and then select “Cancel return” by clicking on it, if it is an option.
  • Verify the cancellation by selecting “Cancel return” in the pop-up box.

The lack of availability of the “Cancel Return” button could be due to:

  • The return period has ended (typically 3-5 days after starting the return process).
  • The item has already been shipped or it is being processed.
  • The return is already in progress.

If this happens, get in touch with Amazon customer support for help in canceling the return. They might assist in resolving the problem or offer different solutions.

Make sure you have your order number and item specifics on hand when reaching out to Amazon customer service for a better interaction!

The Importance of Understanding the Return Policy

It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with return policies for several reasons. Often, the process of returning items is not pleasurable. Sometimes there is a longer wait to secure a refund, depending on what the request process is. If there hasn’t been proper communication with the seller, the return could involve communication problems and more time than necessary.

On occasion, when processing returns for various reasons, store credit could be provided instead of a partial refund. Also, the refund cash or check may take some time to receive. Knowing the policy can help you understand what might be expected and what time period you should set aside to start the return process.

Amazon’s Return Policy

Analyzing Amazon’s return policy is crucial for its efficiency and profitability. It impacts online retail quality, consumer expectations and leisure shopping. If returns are excessive, revenue decreases, but if returns are insufficient, Amazon’s competitiveness suffers.

The definition of Amazon’s return policy is the process and rules for return arrangements, including damaged or non-full- refunds for return products and the return and exchange process. How does the return policy determine the customer’s preference for the seller’s decision or price?

Amazon’s primary return policy is simple, It grants customers a full refund if items are returned within 30 days, and if the return is done after 30 days following the purchase, then returns are generally acceptable within 1 year.

According to research, Amazon’s general return policy is “unconditional,”  and it is easy for customers to return unsatisfactory items. Therefore, Amazon gives its customers a solid sense of security. Amazon sellers with a “Fulfillment by Amazon” service must execute more flexible return policies that must not be less strict than Amazon’s overall return policy.

When Can You Cancel A Return?

1. Before The Return Is Shipped

Sellers on Amazon refer to the sellers to whom the buyer makes purchases on the website Users are not normally allowed to sell products directly on Amazon, but do so through a store system after the approval of Amazon.

Like other online auctions, a return is allowed for products after shipment, however, the process of canceling the return differs significantly from returns after shipment. The consumer goes through a considerably simpler process by following the steps of “request cancellation” – “confirm” to cancel the return.

The consumer is not charged any fee, and the transaction can be handled if it has not reached the “Return Shipped” step. When the seller agrees to the cancellation, the buyer is notified and the trade is considered complete.

2. After The Return Is Shipped

It is easy to cancel a return as long as the status is “item returned.”. It’s for your customers and you. But what if the item has already been shipped? Or perhaps the money has already been refunded?

In this case, the first thing to do is to contact Amazon customer service but keep your order details close as it may be required to cancel the return. After that, you need to provide a reason for canceling the return, then await confirmation. In case the process is taking too long, you can follow up if needed by writing back to customer service via online chat or by calling the customer service number.

Amazon Customer Service

As buyers, we all confront issues when dealing with products. A few products can be damaged while in transit; others may simply be the incorrect product for you, causing you to return them. Issues like this may be solved quickly if you contact the customer service of the shop from which you obtained the product. Amazon has numerous products and customer service can be a lifesaver when dealing with issues.

There are different ways to contact Amazon customer service. In case you prefer that the consultation be face-to-face, Amazon has a large number of phone lines so that you can communicate with the company by calling the number on their website. If you prefer to resolve the issues through your email, avoid contacting third parties. Enter the Amazon official website and use the resources made available to handle the issue quickly. You can also use the live chat feature on the website.

In most cases, contacting Amazon customer service is simple and fast. The company is well-structured and has a team of professionals experienced in serving the public. On top of that, they are concerned with listening to and caring for their customers. This is reflected in the choice of several remote communication channels that aim to assist you.


Canceling a return on Amazon is often a simple process that requires little effort after the package has been given to the courier to send back to Amazon. The exact process varies depending on how and when the return was made; however, it is difficult to find the correct instructions, which is why we have put together the steps needed for the process.

I hope this article has been helpful in showing you how to cancel your return on Amazon!


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