How to Cancel Alexa Music Subscription: A Comprehensive Guide

Alexa Music is a popularly used music app on Amazon that is loved and used mostly by music lovers. It offers a vast collection of songs, playlists and podcasts. It has redefined the way we see and experience music in our daily lives. It has offered seamless access to millions of songs, artists and podcasts; it has become a popular choice among music lovers, providing convenience and an extensive list of audio content. Despite the great features it has, you want to know how to cancel Alexa music subscription. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

As there is rapid advancement in technology, the way we enjoy music has changed. The days of using physical media like cassettes, CDs and vinyl records are gone. With services like Alexa Music in charge, digital music has taken over.  By simply using voice commands, you can easily start, stop, and change tracks when using the Amazon Music. With our taste and preferences changing at times, you might want to cancel your Alexa music subscription, despite its spectacular features. Therefore, you are looking to find out how to cancel Alexa music subscription.


In this article, we will show you possible steps on how to cancel Alexa music subscription. You might have gotten bored of using the Alexa music and might want to switch to another or cancel entirely. Luckily for you, cancelling an Alexa music subscription is simple and straightforward. Just by following a few steps, you can cancel your subscription quickly and gain back control of your digital life.

How to Cancel Alexa Music Subscription


First, go to your Alexa app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Make sure you are using the right account for your music subscription to avoid putting your information on the wrong website, to avoid online threats and fraud and also to save you from being frustrated by not getting positive results on your subscription cancellation.


After you’ve logged in to the right account and website, tap on the “more” icon, which is located at the bottom right corner of the app, and select “Settings.” After that, scroll to music or podcasts and then you can select the music subscription you wish to cancel.


After selecting the music subscription you wish to cancel. Within the music service settings, you should find a section showing your current subscription details. Tap on the section to proceed to the next step.


After finding the section showing your current subscription details, the next step is to look for the option to “cancel” or End subscription” with your subscription details provided. Then, after that, you tap on the option and confirm your decision to end your Alexa music subscription. Now onto the next step.


There should be a cancellation message in the app after you are done with the cancellation process. Cross-check that your subscription status has been updated to reflect that you have indeed cancelled your Alexa music subscription. These steps stated for you above are the 5 easy steps to follow to cancel your Alexa music subscription successfully.


As a music lover who is looking for how to cancel Alexa music subscription. Despite its good features, you most definitely have your reasons to cancel. But after seeing these easy steps mentioned above, you might still prefer to cancel your Alexa music subscription directly through the service providers website. You can follow these general steps that will be listed below on how to cancel Alexa music subscription. They include:

  • For the first step, visit the Alexa service website and log in to your account.
  • After that, you move to your account settings or subscription management section.
  • Then you locate your Alexa subscription plan and then click on cancel subscription or any similar option to that.
  • Make sure to confirm your decision to cancel your Alexa subscription plan and then verify your cancellation status.

With the general steps stated above, you can have a successful cancellation process with ease and less time consumption. As a music lover, as we have different preferences, you might not love the same thing as other music lovers do, and that’s why you want to cancel your Alexa music subscription. You also need help getting alternative music subscriptions to Alexa Music.

In this article, we are bent on making sure you are provided with all the necessary information concerning the topic of how to cancel Alexa Music subscription and to also dig deep to get answers to any further knowledge you require on this topic.

Popular Alternatives to Alexa Music

1. Apple Music

This is a good alternative to Alexa music. It provides access to exclusive content, 75 million songs and ad-free listening. It is seamlessly integrated with Apple’s ecosystem. Apple Music has a lot to offer; it also offers lossless audio quality for you to have a superior listening experience.

2. Spotify

Spotify is a popular, leading music streaming service that offers millions of songs, video contents and podcasts. It has both free and premium plans; users can enjoy curated playlists, personalized recommendations and some social features. It is used by music lovers and is also where artists get enough streaming. It could be said to be one of the best alternatives to Alexa music.

3. Pandora

This is another Alexa music alternative that offers both free and premium plans with features like offline listening and on-demand music. It is a personalized streaming service that creates a custom radio service based on what you prefer.

4. Deezer

Deezer is a good music app that can be an alternative to Alexa  Music. It is also a music streaming platform with a vast library of songs, live radio stations and podcasts. It provides lyrics synchronization for an immersive listening experience, personalized recommendations and curated lyrics. All these features make it a very great alternative to Alexa music and it will interest you to subscribe to Deezer as a music lover after cancelling the Alexa music subscription.

5. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a great alternative to Alexa music for music lovers. It offers songs, artist radios and albums. It also provides free and premium plans, with which users can enjoy ad-free listening, offline downloads and background play. As a music enthusiast, I believe YouTube music has the features that you desire, making it a great choice to switch to after cancelling Alexa music.

6. Tidal

Tidal provides access to over 70 million songs, music videos and exclusive contents. It is known for its high fidelity and sound quality. For an enhanced listening experience, it offers master-quality authenticated (MQAA) audio. This could also be a good music subscription or application for music lovers who want an alternative to an Alexa music subscription.

7. Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited offers a vast music library, personalized recommendations and various plans to suit your needs. It is another unique alternative to Alexa music, with great features to suit your taste or preference as a music lover.

These great alternatives to Alexa Music above are a few of the many streaming music services available. Though they have their own unique features, it also gives music lovers options to choose from, as everyone has their own preference and may prefer one alternative streaming service over the other.

Final Words

In this article, we have your interest at heart, which is why we have given you the general steps on how to cancel Alexa Music subscription. We even went further to bring to you different alternatives to Alexa music you would love as a music enthusiast or lover.

Alexa Music is a very good music app for music lovers, but if, as a music lover, you feel you want to cancel your Alexa Music subscription, what’s the best way to do it. We already have you covered in this article.



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