How to Cancel 02 Contract: A Simple Guide

02 Contract is a mobile phone agreement built particularly for businesses. There are lots of features peculiar to 02 contract; some of these benefits are shared data allowances, flexible tariffs, etc. They were simply designed to provide solutions to the mobile phone needs of businesses with reliable means.

.This contract comes with one’s own professional, local and friendly account manager; this alone provides you and your business with a single point of contact for various kinds of mobile phone needs. O2 contract helps you avoid poor account management and helps you save up some money that’s been spent for the company’s mobile. Their network offers 97% 4G coverage, even across the UK.

Amazingly, 02 contract also offers all the mobile phone plans; some of them are : monthly pay, PAYG (Pay As You Go) and the SIM-only price plans.

In this guide, we will walk you through the 02 journey, educate you on how you can cancel your 02 contract, what happens if you leave and provide every other vital piece of information needed.

What is 02 Contract?

The company 02 was established on 7 January, 1985, as Cellnet. It was a 60:40 joint venture that existed between BT group and Securicor. It happened that Cellnet was one of the first two mobile networks in the UK, coupled with Vodafone. BT acquired Securicor’s share of Cellnet, this led to the company being rebranded as BT Cellnet, all these took place in 1999.

BT Cellnet launched the world’s first commercial General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) in June 2000. BT wireless division was made up of BT Group mobile telecommunications businesses in Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. This was manufactured from the BT group in 2002 to form a new holding company, mmO2 plc, and this introduced the new “02”. In 2005, mmO2 plc was renamed O2.

O2 was purchased by the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica in 2006 for £18 billion. Telefonica agreed to retain the O2 brand and the UK’s headquarters. The full meaning to O2 is Oxygen Gas, also known as dioxygen. This is a chemical element with the symbol O as an atomic number.

In 2018, during the U-Switch Mobiles Awards, O2 took the title of the winner of the best coverage. O2 serves 98% of the population with 4G and has more than 15,000 wi-fi hotspots across the country.

How to Register for O2 Contract

To register for an O2 contract, there are two ways to do it. If you’re a Pay monthly customer, you will be automatically registered, but if you’re a Pay As You Go customer, you will be registered using:

  • Your O2 mobile number
  • A strong and secured password
  • An email address

Whichever you choose to register with, there are things you get access to once you’ve been identified as an O2 contract customer. If you’re a Pay monthly customer, you’ll be able to:

  • Check your allowances
  • Make payments
  • Change your tariff or Bolt Ons’
  • Update your contact details
  • See your tariffs and bills
  • View your device’s details.

If you’re a Pay As You Go customer, you’ll be able to :

  • Check your renewal date
  • Add Bolt Ons’
  • Claim O2 rewards
  • Update your contact details
  • View your balance

To activate your Pay As You Go data sim for data, android or pocket hotspot, there are five simple ways to do it.

  • With the aid of the right-sized sim for your device, put it in and switch it on.
  • Visit the Pay As You Go mobile broadband page
  • Insert your mobile broadband number and click ‘sign in’. To find your mobile broadband, check the package that came with your sim.
  • Carefully, follow the instructions and register.
  • After registering, restart your device and start using your data.

How to Manage your O2 Account

Customers can manage their account through the My O2 App. This app enables users to see and monitor their data usage and get notified of vital information, which includes a list of their bills, information about their contract and many more. It is simply a stressless tool which one can use to keep an eye on their account.

How to Cancel O2 Contract

You can cancel your O2 contract anytime by calling 202, and giving 30 days notice. It is also worthy to note that, before you leave, you will need to pay any outstanding charges on your account. Assuming you’re a Pay As You Go customer and you happen to have any outstanding allowance, you will not be granted access to it until you complete your switch. After switching, you can also make a request for refund via bank transfer or via bank cheque

Here are the possible ways to switch:

  • Switching to another network, and don’t want to keep my number. To achieve this, you need to request for a STAC code ( Service Termination Authorization Code). Text STAC  to 75075. A code will be sent to you within 60 seconds.
  • Switching to another network, and want to keep my number. You’ll need to request for a PAC code (Porting Authorization Code). Simply text PAC to 65075, and just like the first, you’ll receive a code within 60 minutes.
  • Not switching to any other network and still don’t want to keep your number. If you don’t want to do any, then you will need to contact O2 directly.

Your O2 contract remains active until you switch over to another network provider.

What Happens if it takes time to Switch?

You will be entitled to compensation if you can’t be switched on the day they promised to switch you. Within 30 days of the completion of the switch, you will be contacted to get notified about the compensation. You can also claim your compensation by contacting O2 if they don’t get in touch.

Are there Charges to Pay to Cancel O2 Contract?

Early termination charges (ETCs) apply if you cancel your contract before the end of the minimum term. ETCs encompasses the entire balance in your device plans. If you’re on O2 refresh, you won’t be charged early termination charges for your airtime contract.

How to Calculate Early Termination Charges

To calculate your early termination charges, the fixed amount promised to be paid on a monthly basis will be added together. This includes any monthly recurring discounts you’re entitled to for the services for the remainder of your minimum period. VAT is also included at the prevailing rate; 4% will be taken off for early receipt of payment.

To make this clearer, assuming you’re on a 6-month contract costing £11 a month, VAT included, if you decide to leave after 3 months,it simply means you’ll pay an Early Termination Charges for the last six months of your contract. Your Early Termination Charges will be calculated as 3 × £11, we arrive at Early Termination Charges of £33.00. Out of this £33.00, 4% will be taken, and the remaining will be your Early Termination Charges.

O2 Contract Terms and Conditions

It is pertinent that you read the terms and conditions appropriately before signing up, you don’t just read, you also have to understand them before moving ahead.

  • Each year, your monthly subscription charges are subject to an annual change.
  • The Monthly Mobile Agreement has a minimum term called a Minimum Period. The agreement will end 30 days after the minimum period.
  • O2 contract will end the agreement if you don’t pay any charges as they are due or if you go bankrupt. Another reason O2 contract will possibly end is if it’s suspected to be fraudulent or illegal in a way that disrupts the network.
  • Information about how you use contract services will be collected; this includes your location and account activity. It is also used to analyze your personal details, to help run your personal details including checking for fraud prevention.

O2 Customer Care Service

Have any questions about our policy?

Call O2 customer care service, dial

0800 9777 337

To call from abroad : +44 7860 980 202

Lines are open on Mondays – Fridays, 9am- 5am

You can still seek out other ways to find answers to your question.

  • Visit My O2
  • Ask the community

Conclusion on How to Cancel O2 Contract

O2 contract has helped many businesses and have also provided solutions to their mobile needs. In their system, they also have a way of rewarding their customers; every three months, they add up all your top-ups and give back up to 10%. They didn’t just stop at that; they also cover your roaming when you want to cover in their Europe Zone if you’re part of their Pay As You Go.

O2 contracts have also launched new rolling plans, giving one the flexibility of Pay As You Go alongside having full access to O2 priority, international data and minutes.

How about the flexible tariffs O2 offers? O2’s flexible tariffs allow one to move between other services that were there when you purchased your device. This allows you to have absolute control over your plan and also be able to know which one suits you and when to adjust.


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